Vintage Fisher Price Little People Are Collectible

I've made a new Squidoo webpage about those little toy people that come with Fisher Price toys. You remember them, the little dog, man and woman, a cowboy or fireman made of wood that could be stuffed into a car or school bus. Just about everyone had a bunch of these old toys and now they're being termed "vintage" and there are people collecting them.

Most of my nephews and nieces had a collection of these Little People, usually found (with your feet) when you walked across the living room, or hidden under the couch. Now Fisher Price is making these same little people figures although now they are much more detailed and have movable arms. They go with all the latest Fisher Price sets like the Little People Petting Zoo or the Fairy Treehouse or the Animal Sounds Farm set.

All these Fisher Price Little People playsets are thoroughly modern and need batteries for various lights and sounds they make. Back when these toys were first introduced, they were fairly simple and the figures themselves were made of wood. The newer models are all plastic, but very cute and very popular with the kids.

The webpage is called Little People Figures From Fisher Price and shows some of the older and newer Fisher Price figures. Worth a look if you love old toys or a collector of vintage toys.


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