17% Drop In Squidoo Traffic

During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I've noticed a significant drop in traffic across all my Squidoo webpages. Seventeen percent! Quite a drop actually, but in line with what I expected. I am unsure if other Squidoo lensmasters have experienced a similar drop over the past seven days, but I did read in the Squidu Forum that a bunch of people were having this problem about a week ago.

I do think that my own traffic will bounce back fairly soon (as it always returns to about the same level and then increases still further with publication of more of my Squidoo webpages. Several of my established pages experienced drops in visitor traffic, while others have seen an increase. New pages keep getting found by the internet and I see pages that were made a week or two previously with 10-20 visitors each over the last seven day period.

Over all, although the have been a drop in traffic, more is coming in and I can see this increasing. Each bump in traffic a particular lens receives bumps that lens up the Squidoo Ranks. I have a bunch floating around in the 3rd tier (and I seem to be getting a lot landing in these money tiers), that adds to my bottomline as far as getting money on Squidoo. As each lens generates it's own traffic, there's a better opportunity to sell related items from the webpage, while the visitor hopefully enjoys my content. As always, SALES are where you will make money online at Squidoo.

St Patrick's Day Theme Added To Squidoo Themes

Take a look to the right and you will see a nice new theme that is available for Squidoo lenses. If you have any webpages on Squidoo using St Patrick or Ireland as a theme, you can switch the webpage into this cool green theme.

All you have to do is go to the edit screen on your webpage (by clicking "Edit" from your dashboard or "Edit Lens" from the published view of your lens), look for the "Themes" button at the top on the right and by clicking that button you are provided with a bunch of theme choices. If you want to preview each of the different choices, click preview on each choice. Just click the "X" on the preview pop-up. If you find one that meshes with your content, like if your lens is about the life of St Paddy, or ghost castles in Ireland or provide information about how to celebrate St Patrick's Day, just click the radio button (the little circle) beside where it says "St Paddy's" then click "Apply."

You do have the choice to make this choice Global, meaning all your lenses will be changed over to this one particular theme, but unless you have all your Squidoo lenses covering just Ireland and Irish topics, it might look a little odd. Personally, I never use this option.

It's just one of many options you have to personalize your webpages on Squidoo to match with your topic. Just about all major holidays have a corresponding theme and more are being unveiled all the time to help lensmasters.
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