My Squidoo Goal: 20 New Lenses By Monday Morning

Okay, 20 new Squidoo lenses in 3 days?! -- "they'll be all crap!" I hear you say. No, they won't. I must confess that the newest Squidoo lenses I am going to release into the pond have already been started. I have even more ideas that I haven't even begun to work on. I currently have 148 webpages on Squidoo already, so I can crack out lenses that's for sure, but of course not all of them are top tier or money makers. I have lots of lenses that haven't produced a dime from lensrank let alone secondary sales. Those need work too and I am working on overhauling and fixing whatever ails my less productive lenses.

What I want to do is get a bunch of them that I have been working on (some for a couple of months or longer!) published. What I want is to have 200 Squidoo lenses on line and earning their keep by the time my one year anniversary roles around. That gives me until 14 August 2009 to get 52 more webpages up. I have a ton of material stockpiled and I am whittling my yet to be published lenses down to a more manageable number. Keep an eye on my lensmaster page for new titles because they're coming fast.

Only $1 A Day At Squidoo?

I just realized that when I got paid by Squidoo this last time that I had made more than $1 a day for each day of the month of April 2009. My total was only $34.22 from what all my lenses had earned for the month of April. I know what you're thinking... "$34 lousy bucks? Talk to me when you earn a thousand... or ten thousand!"

Yes, a "lousy" thirty-four dollars have found their way into my Pay Pal account courtesy of the good folks at Squidoo. But, that is $34 of online income I earned. It is not much and won't pay my mortgage or car insurance, but it is more than I would have had if I had been sitting in from of the TV like a Canucklehead and not worked on Squidoo. You have to look at success on Squidoo as a series of steps. Each success leads to a higher level of success. $34 this month, maybe $50 next month, a few months down the line and I could be looking at $100 each month. Still not enticing enough for you?

There are a fair number of people with Squidoo lenses who make much more than $100 a month. Take a look at the Squidu forum each month when the Squids mention what they made that particular month. There are a lot who cryptically say they "got a little less than last time" or "a little more." Many post at the Squidoo forum exactly what they made that month. I post each month what I make (I even have a lenspage where I show what you can expect each month) but as I start making a higher amount I can see how others are a little reticent about stating exactly what my earnings are.

I made slightly more than one dollar a day at Squidoo. What did you earn last month? What will we earn next month? I want to earn $2 a day, then I want to earn $5 a day. Do you see where I'm going with this? Do the work - you will be rewarded.

Squidoo Extends To Twitter? Yes You Can

Okay, I know I've been away from writing on my blog for quite a while now. I've been soaking up the Twitter experience. You can follow me at Hey_Bradshaw if you are a twittering fanatic like I've recently become. Just a warning: it is HIGHLY addictive. I've been on Twitter for a relatively short period and I have already passed the 1,000 tweets mark and I'm going to keep on tweeting like the twittering fool I am. Myself, I don't just talk about the wonders that are Squidoo. I tweet about whatever strikes my fancy. Others are always throwing out links to their great lenses. I've done that myself and even with my small following have had visitors to my lenses showing up as having come from Twitter. So quite obviously, Twitter can be yet another source for traffic to your work.

Although I don't have quite as large a following as Ashton Kutcher has (about 2 million), my following continues to grow. Today I have almost 750 hardy souls hanging on my every word. Well, maybe they're not blindly following me, but slowly my group of followers are increasing. There are lots of fellow Squidoo aficianados with much larger followings than myself and it is cool to have a quick link to these folks too. Link to them and you'll get plug into a great network of hardcharging Squids. Most of the top Squidoo folks are tweeting, Seth Godin is linking to his blog, Megan Casey chimes in from time to time, JaguarJulie, one of the best lensmasters, is there and (surprise, surprise) has a large following. There are lots of good people connected to Squidoo who are tweetering about their work. a_willow, MiMi, aka GrowWear, SusanVLewis, Susan52, thefluffanutta, and many more great Squidoo people. Too many to list in this short article. Link and learn.
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