Cobie Smulders And Taran Killam Announce Forthcoming Marriage

I just noticed that my lens on Cobie Smulders has spiked again. It shot up a while back because of the announcement that she and Taran Killam were expecting their first child, but why the renewed rush today?

Well, it looks like Smulders was spotted wearing an engagement ring. Smulders and Killam have confirmed that they plan to get married. For more info check my lens. Ah well, another one of my dream girls is now officially off the shelf. I guess I'll just have to pine over Rachel McAdams.

Still, Squidoo Land extends congrats to Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam on their upcoming nuptuals and the birth of their child (likely late spring 2009).


Bradshaw said...

As a side note, after I wrote this post I realized that the bulk of the traffic to my Cobie Smulders lens was actually coming from Yahoo and not a soul had found it from Google!

The lens is on page 2 of Yahoo (number 11 overall) for "Cobie Smulders" and on page one for "Cobie Smulders Actress".

Now if Google ever locates it, the lens could really take off!

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