It's Almost Time To Start Thinking About A New Wall Calendar - Sexy Options?

Fall is actually just days away and Halloween and then Christmas will be upon us before we know what hit us, so to get a jump on the end of the year, you might want to take a break to look at some of the 2011 sexy wall calendars that are already available. The latest calendars always feature hot women in various states of undress (do I sound like I'm complainin'?) and the new ones are pretty good.

There's Megan Fox calendars featuring the beautiful star of the Transformers movies, some with shots from the film. Fox just peers out at you all year long with a new photo of gorgeous actress with that come hither look she's patented. She had several calendars last year and offers several more for the coming year.

Also, there's the Maxim calendar 2011 with bikini-clad models to keep you warm during the cold winter months. Another Favorite is the Penthouse Magazine 2011 lingerie wall calendar which is according to Amazon - the big seller so far this year and judging by the cover, I'd have to agree that it looks like a winner. Penthouse has another hot wall calendar in their  Penthouse Girl + Girl 2011 Calendar which appeals to any red-blooded male and not just your average Howard Stern fan. Not just one pretty girl each month but two for the price of one? Um, thank you lol.

The picture at the top of this post is of legendary pin-up model Bettie Page and every year she has a new calendar and she's featured on the Squidoo page as well. To see more just click the link to the page at the top. There are about three dozen different wall calendars all featuring beautiful women. Like I said, it might be a good idea to get a 2011 now rather than wait til the last minute - they do sell out quickly. As an added bonus, you get a few minutes staring at beautiful, sexy women (in calendar form, but still...).


Bradshaw said...

This lens just moved into the top tier at Squidoo and is now my highest ranking webpage at Squidoo. I'm always surprised which pages get traffic, clicks and then move up the LensRank. We'll have to see if this page fares into 2011.

Bradshaw said...

As of today, this lens is ranked 1,341 overall and is number 112 in the shopping category. That sounds good as the Christmas shopping season is about to start.

Bradshaw said...

This webpage went straight into Tier One in the Lensrank and is still going strong. A fair bit of traffic and several thumbs up from my fellow Squids. If it sticks in the top tier, I'll get $20-$30 on the December payout from Squidoo, plus any sales. Probably after the New Year it will drop out of the first tier, but that will still mean three months of top tier earnings. Gotta get some more of the Squidoo pages to perform like this.

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