Completed A Monster Quest On Squidoo & Added Aly Michalka To The Mix

If you are not already on Squidoo, then my talk about "monster quests" and the new Leaderboard may throw you off a bit. On the website Squidoo, you can build webpages about just about anything and make some money online as well. The people who have pages on Squidoo are called "lensmasters" and the pages are called "lenses" that you can add links to make money usually through ebay or Amazon, but you are definitely not limited to those choices.

They added a new series of features to the website that award prizes of sorts for completing new pages, checking out the work of others and generally improve the quality of the webpages appearing on the site. One of these "quests" that I was given as a level 28 Squid, was to review 15 different webpages (not mine) and publish a new wepage preferably in the category of "Pop Culture & Celebs", "Movies & TV" or "Entertainment". I chose to do mine about Alyson Michalka, who stars in the new television series Hellcats. The show is about a law student forced to become a cheerleader due to problems with her scholarship.

Michalka herself is quite pretty and multi-talented (she's released songs with her sister Amanda) and sang in the movie Bandslam that came out last year. The webpage was created just the other day and is already generating traffic. Plus, I received 1200 points for completing this quest which pushed me further up the list as far as levels go.


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