Squidoo Land "Worth $328.50US" According To Websiteoutlook.com

I was just checking on how Squidoo Land was fairing on the search engines (I guess I wanted to see if anything I had written on this blog was actually being found by the notoriously fickle Google) and a stumbled across a website that says my little blog is worth $328.50! LOL! Anyone want to buy a blog cheap :)

The website allows you to check various statistics, such as ad revenue (inaccurately), as well as daily page views, the all-important PageRank, number of backlinks etc. The website, called Websiteoutlook, unfortunately doesn't work on Squidoo lenses (unless I'm doing it wrong), because when I input the URL of my Squidoo webpage it returns the information and numbers for Squidoo itself, which are to say the least, quite impressive, rather than my individual Squidoo page numbers. So it doesn't work on subdomains. You should try it on your own blogs and other websites to see what they say about your stuff.

Still, it is funny to think that Squidoo Land might actually carry some value on it's own. I've used this website to see if any of my other blogs and webpages have any value, but they don't show anything at all. They are not listed and all I get is the message "No data Available for this site" so any plans of becoming a blogging millionare have just blown up in my face. Not that I really care. This is just a blog for scribbling my thoughts and hopefully helping others in the same boat as myself.

One Week Later: New Squidoo Lenses ~ How Are They Doing?

About a week ago I wrote that I was publishing some new lenses on Squidoo. This is the link to that article called A Couple Of New Webpages At Squidoo.... As far as traffic, they have been found by the search engines, Google, Yahoo, etc., because I alert them to the existance of these webpages.

There's been a small trickle of traffic both from these search engines and from other Squidoo lenses. All told, they have generated a whopping 24-25 visits. That's between all three lenses. Not much traffic of course, but I'm happy with them even though they have yet to generate any sales. They've ranked in the 3rd tier and one looks like it might enter the 2nd tier. They just need a little bit more work to get them in front of the eyes of my target audiences. So, if I'm lucky, in a couple of months, each one will add $0.08 each to my total money earned from Squidoo. Not really worth all the work right? Wrong.

Let's say I earn that same $0.08 from each webpage each month for a year. That's still only $0.96 per lens ($0.08 x 12 months = $0.96). Just a little less than $3.00 for my effort and there is of course no guarantee they will even rank as high as the 3rd tier. I need to continually improve on my work, change modules, and work to increase a greater share of the audience that is out there.

There is the good vibes I get from the positive comments visitors leave and maybe an angel blessing here or there, and that adds value to my work in my own eyes. What I would like is more sales, which come with increasing traffic to my webpages, so I should always be endeavoring to use SEO techniques on my lenses, and just re-do and improve on the content so visitors will be more willing to make a purchase. All I need to do is get a sale here or there and combined with what Squidoo bestows on me for those few webpages that work their way up the slippery slope and rank fairly well and I'm one happy Squid!

Basically, the plan of action would be to make more and more Squidoo lenses, with each taking a small chunk of the available money for ranking well, with ever increasing sales. The way I look at it, if you want to make more money at Squidoo is to first make content that brings people to your webpage, offer products and services that those visitors would enjoy purchasing, and then MAKE MORE LENSES!

Basically, each time you publish something new or improve what you have out there ~ you are giving yourself a raise.

Sure, it's only $0.08 a month if you're lucky enough to get and hold a ranking, but you are getting better at creating good content, and more importantly, having fun! This can be a little hobby that generates some pocket money (maybe stowing it away til Christmas next year) but how many hobbies offer you a chance at making money each and every month?

There are lenses that stay in the top 2,000 month in and month out, so if you're one of the lucky ones who create something unique that stays up there in the rankings, one lens generating about $11.00 a month would mean $132/year for just a little work keeping the lens up to date. If you are like me (once again I apologise if that's the case) and you do have some success, you want more. I know I do. I look forward to seeing that blue box on my Squidoo dashboard each month.

I'm happy some months, disappointed in others, but then I realize I'm getting paid for something I like doing and isn't that what is important?

A Couple Of New Webpages At Squidoo...

I've put together some new lenses at Squidoo over the last few days, bringing my total of published webpages to 153 (impressed?). As I continue making more and more of these lenses, I'm finding it easier to get them to rank somewhat nicely, but still find it difficult to get them to rank in the top tier where the money is, but as I have stated in the past, having a ranking of 2,000 and under is all well and good, and if you can have one in this top tier you definitely deserve kudos, but striving solely to be at the top of the Squidoo heap is not a smart plan of action if you are looking to have longterm success (ie: money), then scouring your dashboard at Squidoo and worrying about every little up-tic or downward spiral will just lead to frustration.

If the reason you joined our little Squidoo party is to make some extra money each month, you can earn a certain amount each month by polishing and honing each webpage to a bright sheen, but you will not get rich doing only this.

Squidoo recently announced that there are over one million Squidoo lenses on their website. That means that your lens is in competition with mine and those of thousands of other lensmasters for that elusive top rung in Squidoo's ranking system. I want to have all my webpages in the top tier so I can have as much sent to me each month, but so does every one else.

I'm proud of most of my work making lenses, but I know that there are excellent lenses that far outstrip mine in terms of quality and content, and with more and more new people generating new content on the site and older more experienced hands adding to the tremendous work they've already completed, it will continue to become harder and harder to hold onto their higher positions in the upper tiers. Unless you create your content strictly for fun - and that's a cool motivation and one of the reasons I came here in the first place - you will need to look elsewhere than the tiers if you are looking for streams of money.

You need to keep generating traffic to your lenses and creating and improving your content so that people will want to come back or bookmark your work, to get them to link to it and reference your fine work so others will be able to discover what you have done.

Oh yeah, here are some links to my latest work, so if you want to take a quick look you can. Any comments obviously would be appreciated. I don't expect them to immediately leap to the highest heights as far as ranking goes, but I think they will generate a fair bit of traffic and maybe a sale or three.

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus
Liam Hemsworth
Justin Bieber

Obviously by listing these new lenses here on Squidoo Land I'm hoping to generate some traffic, but mostly for an honest opinion of the respective lenses.

The first is about the letter sent by Virginia O'Hanlon to The New York Sun back in 1897 that generated the famous "Yes, Virginia" editorial. The second and third lenses are for two relative newcomers to the entertainment world. I have many more ideas for webpages that are in various stages of publication on Squidoo, and I hope that they will gain some acceptance and success as they are sent out into the Squidosphere.

What Are The Top 10 Squidoo Christmas 2009 Lenses?

Because it is now so close to Christmas, I thought I would take a look at the Top Ten Squidoo search results for the search term "Christmas" to find which lenses would come up and the following webpages with a holiday theme came up on the list:

Top 10 Best Green Gift Ideas 2009 by flowski
Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2009 by flowski
Christmas Crafts - Decorations, Gifts, Giftwrap and More by Pastiche
Fuzzy Slippers by GroovyFinds
Beautiful Gingerbread Houses by Kate-Phizackerley
Crazy Cute Christmas Cupcakes by rms
Free Christmas Card Templates by lisadh
Christmas Clip Art by Pastiche
Countdown to Christmas by Christene
Christmas Printables - Coloring Sheets and Activities by WebSpinstress

Taking a quick look, obviously flowski, aka Brandon, is the man this Christmas season as not only does he have the number one overall lens on Squidoo, which is no mean feat in itself, but he holds down the first two spots on this list of Christmas-themed webpages! His Top 10 Best Green Gift Ideas 2009 lens offers visitors a nice assortment of products and ideas for a greener Christmas. His Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2009 is visually awesome, with a very Christmasy feel that is nicely laid out.

Pastiche is the only other lensmaster with 2 lenses in the top 10. Most of her lenses have a fun, crafty theme, and her webpage, Christmas Crafts - Decorations, Gifts, Giftwrap and More really catches the eye. Tons of ideas and intriguing projects to make at home - (love the gingerbread men). Her Christmas Clip Art webpage also deservedly makes the list and gives lots of different graphics ideas I want to try. And, these two lenses aren't even her top-rated lens, she has another clip art themed page that's in the top 10 overall at Squidoo.

Fuzzy Slippers by GroovyFinds just has to be included because of the funny slippers that are highlighted. Christmas morning just wouldn't be the same without receiving a pair of comfy slippers under the tree. Really, check out the lens.

Kate-Phizackerley has an very nice webpage showcasing Beautiful Gingerbread Houses. That's a project my grandmother used to involve all her grandkids in doing every year.

One of my favorite lensmasters is on the Top 10 list too, as Robin, also known as rms, has a tasty lens, Crazy Cute Christmas Cupcakes, to help with your baking requirements. She can only be called a PROLIFIC member of Squidoo as her output dwarfs many other lensmasters with the 304 lenses she's made, and taking the time to rate almost 6,000 lenses!

Free Christmas Card Templates is from another longtime Squidoo member, lisadh. She has over 200 webpages on Squidoo too with a number also being Christmas related. Her Christmas Card page will help you make your own cool holiday cards.

Another of my personal favorite Squidoo peeps is Christine, who is ALWAYS on the Squidoo Discussion Forum (how does she get her own work done? She's always leaving helpful comments and suggestions). Christine's Countdown to Christmas is about the use of Advent Calendars at Christmastime.

The final entry on this list is from WebSpinstress with her Christmas Printables - Coloring Sheets and Activities lens - all about coloring and printable pages that will keep the kids busy.

All of these webpages are really well done and deserve kudos. Squidoo Land salutes all of the members of Squidoo who have done such excellent work producing so many great lenses with such holiday flair. If I could, I would list all the Christmas webpages that have grabbed my attention, but I can't, so these are the ones I wanted to highlight. Next year at this time hopefully I will be saluting yours!

Christina Hendricks Now Appearing At Squidoo

One of my lenses at Squidoo that I particularly like is the one I did about Christina Hendricks from the television series Mad Men. Obviously Ms Hendricks is very easy on the eyes, so it was no problem for me to spend time pouring over pictures and articles of the actress trying to put a tribute page together for her. Truth be told, I probably would have spent a lot of time Googling her anyway, because I really like her as Joan Holloway on Mad Men, a show I never seem to find the time to watch as regularly as I would like.

Mad Men, if you don't know, is set in the 1960s at an advertising agency called Stirling Cooper, and Hendricks' role is of the office manager. I'm not someone who really pays much attention to costumes or clothing, but the look and style of the show is something else. Joan seems to have been poured into some of her outfits and usually is just stunningly beautiful. What my lens needs is more pictures of Hendricks decked out in the 1960s-era dresses she wears so well, so I will definitely be trying to add more of those.

One thing I'm happy with about the page is that although I haven't really added too much to it after initially publishing the lens, it has continually had a respectable amount of traffic and ranked somewhere in the 30-40,000 level in the Squidoo rankings. That's obviously not going to make me rich anytime soon as it means an extra $0.08 a month in my PayPal account from our good friends at Squidoo, but I'm happy with that. I've just recently added several pictures and clips to the webpage, and updated a fair portion of the written content, so I'm hoping for a little bump in the ranking of the lens. The traffic it receives is as I said, not bad, receiving about 20-30 visits in a seven-day period, and gets the odd spike in visits every once in a while.

I just checked where it sits in Google and the page is buried way back on the ninth page of results - still not bad, because it does show up - but I think I will try to move it up. Obviously a page one ranking on Google would be great because that would probably drive much more traffic of those looking for Hendricks to my webpage.

Checking the traffic sources stats shows that referrals and directs account for the bulk of my traffic, but the Google and Yahoo search engines provide a nice lift in my numbers along with a smattering of traffic coming from Bing, Discovery, AltaVista and AOL. I've found that many find the webpage through some odd combinations of search terms - that would be the "long tail" marketing kicking in I guess, but still it combines into a fairly respectable level of visitors.

I'm thinking that with a little more attention to detail and timely updates, this simple lens could jump up into the 2nd tier in the Squidoo rankings. My motto should be "Put in the work and you'll see better results."

Squidoo Land ~ Xmas Holiday Sales Are Up

I don't know about you, but Christmas has been pretty good so far for my Squidoo lenses. I'm getting a nice little bump in sales at Amazon on items sold through my webpages as people search for stuff to buy to fill little Billy and little Amber's Xmas stockings. Something that always amazes me is when items are purchased that have absolutely nothing to do with the content on my page. I put something that's appealing to someone reading my content and they click and go to Amazon and the visitor ends up buying something TOTALLY unrelated to my page.

People seem to get to Amazon and then just bounce from page to page on that site and end up buying books and other items that are light years away from what I recommend. One visitor actually bought some childrens' books that I have been contemplating doing a lens about. The titles turn up in the royalties section of the stats section of my lenses and I am amazed at the coincidences.

As always, I don't get any Christmas holiday themed pages completed in time to really do well when the big rush begins, but I do okay (thank you very much) but just like last year I'm kicking myself for not having completed a webpage (or three!) what will help people making their holiday purchases. What I plan on doing is creating 3-4 webpages at Squidoo after the new year so that they will be open for business NEXT year and will be ranked nicely both on Squidoo and Google. What I'll need to do is to try to do a little more optimization on those lenses than I usually do my Squidoo lenses (and my non-Squidoo webpages) that will draw a greater share of traffic in a holiday spending mood.

I've seen that there are many first-rate holiday pages on Squidoo that have a LOT of work done on them and they have a corresponding healthy pagerank both with Google and Squidoo. Of course, simply have a high rank a Squidoo gives each high-ranking lens a nice little bump in revenue each month (and that does add up at the end of the year), but if you are doing this to make some extra money, it's the sales that you need to be concentrating on. Now, not everyone makes pages at Squidoo and elsewhere just to generate some money, but it is very nice to have a few extra coins to jingle in your pocket - especially during the holiday season.

Having pages up and drawing traffic (and sales!) long before Christmas is what I plan on doing in 2010. What I should be doing is making new lenses with a holiday theme each month and even if they do not rank very highly in May or June is nothing to be worried about. My plan is to increase the sales off my pages at Christmas 2010 and rather slipping into panic mode because I am underwhelming visitors to Squidoo who want to buy presents this year, what I need to do is look down the line. Creating excellent content that will draw visitors looking for Halloween, Christmas, and New Years' is what we all should be striving to do.

What I plan on doing is to start making several webpages about Valentines Day and Easter (amongst others) so that went them - and they will visit, you have the content they are searching for.

Updating Squidoo Lenses After Time Off

I have been allowing my Squidoo lenses to sit forlone and unloved for several months now, collecting my $15-$20 a month through PayPal each month and have finally decided to kick my own butt and get back to work on them.

Several of my Squidoo pages have fallen down the ranks (due to my neglect) and I have to give them a once-over and get them back up to near the top of the pile. The first thing I did was go to thefluffanutta's excellent site called SQUIDUtils which helps wayward Squids get their various pages into fighting shape. If you haven't been to thefluffanutta's website, go there and check it out. You won't be disappointed as Fluff is a wizard and gives free tools to make your Squidoo pages so much better.

I decided to check on the health of my Amazon links and SQUIDUtils showed that most of my pages had broken Amazon links - Oh No! So I've begun the arduous task of going through the broken links, replacing and fixing what I can. Many of the links are for products that are no longer available or that have changed their link to the products I have been showing on my pages. This is just one part of my maintenance that is required to get the pages back into good standing and I have so much more that I need to do. I plan on taking all of December to get them back to the levels I had before and improve on them as best I can.

Also, I have a big backlog of ideas for sites that I want to make NEW Squidoo pages about and that is just one part of my "master plan" to do better at Squidoo than I have in the last several months.
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