I Made Enough Money Online This Month To Cover My Mortgage Payment!


Yes, I did it. For the first time I actually made enough money online through various websites and programs to actually cover my mortgage program. One thing: I do not have any "How I Did It" program or ebook or anything that I am trying to hawk. I am not trying to sell you anything. I've just been working hard and slowly getting more and more each month coming in and now I thought I would just brag a little.

Yesterday was payday at Squidoo, one of the websites I am on and the payment I received from them put me over the top. I started on Squidoo back in July 2008 - hey, 2 years ago this month! Squidoo allows you to publish web pages (called lenses), that contain links to various other websites like eBay, Amazon and a myriad of others that allow you to be paid when visitors to your pages click on a link they find intriguing. You can just write up a page and publish it and forget about it, but unless it is timeless content that others want to link their pages to, your page will slowly drift into the backwaters of the Internet and you will probably say that "Yeah, I tried Squidoo. Doesn't work." That is not true. As in most things, put in the work and you will see results.

As I mentioned, I started at Squidoo in July 2008. I received my first payment in about 2 months time. A whopping 8 cents. I smiled and thought "Meh. That's all well and good, but how can I make more money online?" I started looking at more and more other pages on Squidoo and went to the forum they have on the website for more answers. On the forum there were many in the same boat as myself, just starting out and pretty much clueless about how to make Squidoo work. But. There are others who have been on the website far longer and who have gathered a fair bit of knowledge about how to draw visitors and make sales. I read and re-read all I could on the forum and went to many of the top pages at Squidoo and tried to figure out how I could get some of my pages to rank highly.

If you can get your pages to rank highly, like in the top 2,000 pages, you can make money almost automatically. Look through some of my other posts on this blog to find out about that aspect. Then a lightbulb went off. Hey, why am I fighting to get all my webpages in the top 2,000? EVERYONE is trying to do that and if I just try to get money for a high ranking, there's a limit to how much money I can make. Don't get me wrong. There is a nice chunk of money to be made from getting placed in the top 2K of all Squidoo pages. This month each page in the top tier made was about $26-$27 each! That is not too shabby. Well worth striving to get some pages in the top level of Squidoo.

But if you want to make even more, work on driving traffic to your pages and highlighting products and other stuff people are looking for. You can make money doing this. If a dolt like myself can, than anyone else can to.

Anyway, after making eight cents on my first payday from Squidoo, I decided to start making more Squidoo pages. I did and my payday jumped up to $10. Yea! Not a fortune, but money coming to me for my own effort - every month! This was like found money. I started making even more pages and the amount I got from Squidoo increased again and again. There are some at Squidoo who make far more than I do - check in the forum, one of the top Squidoo people claims to have hit $10,000 with this month's payment from Squidoo. Amazing.

All this from doing what we love - talking to other people about what we like. I am very satisfied with how I have done so far at Squidoo, but hearing that others have made as much as ten thousand dollars, I think I will re-double my efforts yet again. If they can do it, I can do it - and so can you.
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