Update, Improve, Create New Squidoo Lenses

While waiting (im)patiently for Squidoo to get it's collective tentacles untangled, now is the perfect time to be putting together some new Squidoo lenses and fixing up those that have fallen by the wayside. Update, update, improve, improve.

Always keep an eye on some of your poorly operating Squidoo lenses and try to find out why they aren't performing up to the level you want them to. Are you not getting any sales? Poor choices in products or is it the type of modules you've chosen. Check over at SquidUtils, that wonderful website created by lensmaster extraordinaire, The Fluffanutta. Fluff is always putting together great aids to help you track and upgrade how well your lenses perform. You will increase your opportunity to make money through Squidoo (and other platforms) by becoming a regular user of his excellent website. I have.

Although I (and thousands of others) are patiently waiting for Squidoo to fix whatever problem is causing the frozen lensrank problem (now Day 5!), don't sit on your hands waiting for it to resolve itself. Many other Squidoo folk are working on new projects, researching and updating older webpages, and generally continuing to try to do better at Squidoo. This month is almost over and even if your Squidoo lens is not rising or declining in the rankings, your still (hopefully) getting traffic. Work on that. I created a lens a few months ago that just had over 1,600 visitors pass through and check out my work. I want more of that! Don't you?

What I would like is to have ten, no twenty, no, fifty Squidoo lenses all getting incredible traffic like that! Now I have to find the right topic, and I know it can happen again. You can too. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! It takes time for some lenses to be discovered and some will, others won't, but keep at it. Keep on creating new Squidoo lenses and work on bringing more people to your own little slice of the Squidoo pie (eew, that doesn't sound appetizing, does it?)

I'm getting traffic to some of my webpages and some are getting a colossal, collective yawn from the Internet. Learn what works for you, and build from there. Read everything you can, and then read some more. Take something I say and spin it your way and keep working to improve. No success that comes easily or quickly will taste as sweet as that success you've pushed for. I've had a small taste of some success and I'm becoming positively gluttonous for more. But in a good way. ;)

No Updates At Squidoo For 3 Days! What's Up?

What the heck is up with Squidoo? There's been NO UPDATE since Thursday, April 23rd and no word from the powers that be as to what is causing the problem. I've been with Squidoo for a fair stretch now and I have seen a day go by without the Squidoo lensranks getting updated, but usually they do tell you what is going on to some degree. This is getting ridiculous. No update Friday, okay. No update Saturday hmmm... Now no update on Sunday ??

Basically I would like to hear something from Squidoo HQ - even a "please stand by" or technical difficulties, or something. It almost feels like when they left work Thursday night, every one called in sick the next day and forgot to turn on the auto-updating machine. Or, the weekend crew didn't have the keys to get into Squidoo Headquarters. "I thought you had Seth's phone number." "No, I thought you had it." Can't you just picture a group of techno-geeks with worried faces tugging at a locked door trying to get into work?

Actually, I don't think it was anything like this, but there is a little frustration with the disturbing lack of any feedback to questions being raised about the problem over at the Squidu Forums. Meticulously tracking the lensranks of all my lenses is not something I do on a daily basis, but I do check in to see where they are from time to time. If you are at Squidoo and just looking at the site from a money angle, obsessing over your lensrank is just not the way to go. If you want to reach a higher level on money there, you need to look beyond lensrank. Work on promoting some sales from your lenses.

One thing about this lengthy period of time without an update, if you work on your higher ranked lenses, there's a chance that when the update finally happens, that a couple of your lenses might get booted down in the lens ranks. Several Squids have complained about this in the past and I think it may have happened to some of mine in the past. It does seem that at least once a month there is one day in the month when the lens ranking update gets skipped. Sometimes that period stretches to a couple of days. I haven't seen it happen for 3 straight days and will be very interested in checking in Monday afternoon and seeing not just that there has been an update, but some sort of an explanation is provided. And at least some lip service that HQ is trying to prevent it from recurring.

Meanwhile I've been outside, away from my computer, trying to catch a bit of sunlight and working on replacing my pasty white complexion with a slightly less pasty countenance by digging up my garden. Need to get the veggies in soon and getting away from Squidoo for a day or two may not be such a bad thing. But while I was shovelling you can bet that I've been turning over a few lens ideas about gardening. "How To Grow A Bigger Tomato" or "What's A Good Fertilizer For Small Back Yard Gardeners?" That sort of thing. I'll add them to my Squidoo notebook.

Scarlett Johansson: My Latest Squidoo Lens

Scarlett Johansson is at times a very striking woman and a much-acclaimed actress. I've completed a new lens about "The Other Boleyn Girl" (well, completed is a strong word) called, of course Scarlett Johansson. I have included clips from most of her movies (did you know Johansson's appeared, or provided her voice, in 28 movies?). She's done everything from "Spongebob Squarepants" to a couple of Woody Allen movies, to goofy comedies to a movie about a Dutch painter in the 1600s. A varied body of work. In between all those movies, she's had time to appear on countless fashion magazines, cut an album where she sings cover tunes, and get married to Ryan Reynolds, one of Hollywood's (formerly) most sought-after bachelors.

And she's only 24. She has a number of movie roles lined up, and she's appearing over at Squidoo as we speak...

Traffic Breaks 1,000 Visitor Mark At My Squidoo Lens

Say what?! I thought I was seeing things. I made up a Squidoo lens about Rachel McAdams a while back and I've been adding to it and trying to make it a better lens overall (I have to admit to a wee crush on the pretty Canadian actress), so it has been easy to research and write about McAdams and her many movies. I've been watching it go up into the top tier (yea!), and slowly build traffic. But I don't know if it will continue getting the massive traffic the lens has been experiencing, because of the type of traffic it has been receiving.

As of today, the lens shows 1,042 visits over the last 7 days, which is an alltime high for any of my lenses at Squidoo. So I had to say something here at Squidoo Land, because I'm just shocked at the numbers. Believe me, I am not complaining about the traffic - any traffic to your lenses is good traffic. The weird thing is that it is not coming from Google, or Yahoo or other search engines... it's almost all coming from Squidoo!

Over 600 visitors seem to have found my lens about Rachel McAdams were "referred" from other Squidoo lenses (wish I knew which ones!) and over 300 visitors came to the lens as directs. Gotta love those ones because that means they were looking for my lens and possibly had saved it to their favorites. The rest of my visitors were from Google, Yahoo, and several other search engines. About a month ago, Google had been the path that people discovered the wonders of Rachel McAdams, but that traffic looks like it has dried up. Hopefully it will come back eventually.

I believe a lot of this traffic is due to McAdams' latest movie, State Of Play, which just opened. The ads are all over the TV these days, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren also star in the thriller and I've mentioned the movie on my lens. Still I had to tell somebody about my recent run of luck, so I thought I'd mention it on this blog. Now, if I could only get some sales from this traffic, I would really have something to go on about!

Squidoo Groups: On Lockdown

It looks like Squidoo is going to be weeding out the bad groups from the good. Word has come down that changes are happening in the number and more importantly, the quality, of the groups on Squidoo.

This is a good thing. Anyone who has been on Squidoo has had the ability to create a group that they could invite others to join and submit their lenses which could be highlighted on the group's page. The problem is that too many lensmasters were trying to create the ultimate group - with the most lenses, and not caring which lenses joined, as long as their total number of lenses was the most on Squidoo. Then there were other groups that languished with little or no attention being paid by an absent lensmaster. Basically, a lot of chaff, and some felt enough was enough. Time to take out the spam. No new Squidoo groups can be created for the near future.

Now, more stringent quality controls are being put into effect, owners of groups that don't make the cut could find their ignored and forgotten groups deleted. The quality of the groups at Squidoo in general should take a step forward. I have to mention that I have one group only, and it's about something I've worked on and off for some time.

Called the Hockey World Headquarters, it features about 70-odd lenses about hockey players and the teams that make up the NHL. There are 12 members and I have a lot of lenses in the group: old time legendary players, to current players and rookies. One member have a lens that I feature about his hockey art that he produces. There's some good lenses about several NHL teams and more are scheduled to appear. And the group itself is one of the higher rated groups in the sports category (and the highest group on Squidoo about hockey). So, a little pat on the back for me. It can still improve and that's always been my plan for the group, as I can see all sorts of areas where improvements to the group can be made. So far it hasn't been deleted and I really hope it remains open.

To read more about what is going on with the Squidoo groups, you need to look at SquidU - here's a great article about what problems have been experienced with the groups feature and what we be doing to make the groups at Squidoo something good. In the article in the link above also shows is several examples of really good, well-cared for groups worthy of your visiting them. Take a little time to check them out.

Some Of The New Giants Over At Squidoo

Hey people! Congrats! Some of the new Giants Squids have been announcing themselves over at the Squidoo Forum.

Here's those newly hatched Giants I've found so far:


I don't know if this all of them and I would love to add more names to the list. Let me know who I missed and I'll provide a link. If you are considering applying to become a Giant Squid in the next round (deadline is end of June 2009) you should take a look at the sub-forum called So You Want To Be A Giant Squid? which will give you some great tips to help you reach that goal.

Twitter And Facebook Assist Student Protests In Moldova

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing new platforms on the web these days. Started only a few years back, it's also like being able to text-message the world and your buddies. The news about large-scale student protests in the former Soviet republic of Moldova and the part Twitter (and Facebook) played in the communications chain raised a few eyebrows. Now there's word spreading around that Google, the mighty Google, has cast their collective eyes on Twitter as a possible acquisition.

Now if Twitter gets absorbed by Google, what are their plans for the company? And who will profit? Shades of Youtube and their founders giggling hysterically about their new riches, right? News like this makes me hunger for more knowledge about these emerging platforms and how to get in on the potential. I know that Squidoo has a ton of really informative lenses about what Twitter is and how to use it, so I think that may be a place to start snooping around. I just wish I had cobbled together a lens (or three) all about Twitter and its many applications and uses.

Another possible topic that deems some exploratory work is voip. Voice Over Internet Protocol. You know, "The Magic Jack", that infomercial about cheap, cheap telephone calls. We had a VOIP store sprout up in our neighborhood a few months ago. There are so many of these topics out there, so little time to properly follow up on them.

I Just Got Paid At Squidoo. Did You?

Today was payday at Squidoo and I received my email that Squidoo had deposited money in my account with Pay Pal. Did you get that email? Why not? All it takes is a little work, making some lenses at Squidoo, and you could be in the same boat: a little bonus each and every month. I've only been a Squidoo lensmaster since August of last year, but I'm getting paid! Sure it's not a fortune, but it is some money each and every month - and something to build on.

My first payment was only $0.08. Eight pennies. Then it was more. Then a little more. Each month I would work hard and I would get something in reward. I make a new Squidoo lens, and update my older ones. I get some traffic and maybe there's a sale here or there. It all adds up. And you can make extra by adding some Amazon and other affiliate links. But be discrete and don't try to flood Squidoo with affiliate spam. That will not work and your lens could get penalized. Try to create good, original content and you will begin to see some benefits. If you can get your len into the top 2,000 (I have three today!) and get them to stay there so that their average lens rank is 2,000 or less for an entire more, each lens will get you $11-$12 on the next payout. Today's payout was for February, so if (and that's a big if!) I can keep my 3 lenses in the top tier for April, I could expect about $33-$34 in June (Squidoo always pays a month behind: January was paid in March; December in February).

But there's more ways to make money at Squidoo... read on to find out.

Payday Comin' Up At Squidoo: My New Best Earnings

Squidoo is about to all the lensmasters and this month I caculate I will have a new personal best. I'm projecting about $30 or there abouts. That isn't going to allow me to retire, but it is a new high for me. I know some are easily beating me in their earnings and I applaud them wholeheartedly. It's just I am starting to see some money, more than just a couple of bucks here and there. So I'm just giving myself a little pat on the back and a little push forward. The hard work is just starting - how to increase what I'm earning?

Well, more of the same. Keep trying to update all my Squidoo lenses, keep trying to draw more visitors, and keep trumpeting what a great place Squidoo is! So, once again, here's a link to ALL my published Squidoo lenses at my lensmaster page. You can take a look at my best lenses and my worst lenses. I know the worst ones need to be overhauled so they can start earning their keep.
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