Another New Webpage: This One With A Country Music Flavor

I just finished publishing a new Squidoo webpage, this time it is about country music, specifically about the best country love songs. The link will take you to the page if you want to see my list of the Top 100 of all time. Obviously the choices are my own so feel free to disagree with them and comment at the bottom of the page (or comment on this blog post).

As always seems to be the case, I'm not 100 percent happy with the page, but as I am always editing my work, I will be adding to it and adjusting as needed. The list has many of the top country stars of today and yester-year, with just about everything from Dolly Parton singing I Will Always Love You (I've always preferred this version to Whitney Houston's screaming, over the top version), back to some Hank Williams, with LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill (of course) and many others. I think it is a pretty good list, but any improvement you can suggest would be appreciated. If there's any unforgiveable omissions, make sure you let me know and I'll get them added.

List Of Best Punk Rock Videos

I've put together a nice webpage highlighting the top punk rock songs and you can check it out at Top 25 Punk Rock Songs Of All Time. There is a voting option and you can add your favorite punk song. All the links will take you to a particular video, so if you vote for Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols or Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones for example, that will add to that song's vote total. When a song makes it into the Top 25, it will be featured. One good feature is that all the songs listed are links to a video of the band playing that song. It's almost like a playlist for the best of punk.

You can also add punk rock songs to the list. There are at least 100 great punk anthems listed, but if you find one missing, just add it to the list and vote for it. You can vote for more than one song at a time.

New Webpages About Pretty Little Liars

Just prior to the television series debuting in June, I put a webpage up at Squidoo about the popular book series Pretty Little Liars by author Sara Shepard and almost as an afterthought I included information about the cast of the new series.

Surprise, surprise, as that webpage is now my top page on Squidoo and will likely move into the Top Tier fairly soon. This was almost a throwaway webpage and it's turned into the most popular on my dashboard. You can find it at Pretty Little Liars. It's even knocked my previously most popular webpage about AnnaLynne McCord from the top spot.

Because of the success of this page, I decided to add some more pages about the various castmembers:

Lucy Hale
Ashley Benson
Shay Mitchell
Troian Bellisario
Tammin Sursok

Each of these pages go into a little more depth about each actresses' career with video clips etc. I doubt that they will do as well as the main webpage, but you never know. I didn't think that the page on AnnaLynne McCord would do as well as it has for so long.

The Pretty Little Liars page has actually had some sales as well, so there's a nice little addition to my bottom line. The series just won another award, the Teen Choice Best Summer TV Show and Lucy Hale also took home an award at the same ceremony. All this will no doubt attract some more traffic to these pages.

Back At Squidoo With Fiery Determination

I have been reviewing my Squidoo webpages and updating all those that needed a thorough makeover. I once again have allowed them to stagnant a bit as I worked on other online activities, but I am back again with a firm determination of purpose.

I am looking forward to the next several months at Squidoo as I plan on a major rollout of a bunch of new webpages based on the ideas I've accumulated over the last several months. My earnings from the website dipped a little because of the lack of upkeep, but that portion of my online income will likely bounce back with some diligence. This year I plan on being ready for the upcoming Christmas season unlike the last 2 years where I left everything until the last minute. It may be only August, but keeping an eye on what I had hoped to accomplish after the last holiday season, I still plan on adding to my Xmas lenses. I do have a number that I started publishing last January and will be expanding considerably this holiday season and doing much, much more to increase my presence online at Squidoo and on other similar websites.

I don't want to show my hand too early, but the number of webpages I have on the Squidoo website will likely double from the current 184 published pages (yes I said double). It is not that my plan is to pump out dreck and terrible webpages and try to get more income with quantity. These are some pretty good ideas that I have if I do say so myself and I see my income at least doubling as well.

Recently I was able to earn enough online to cover my mortgage payment and if the effort I bring to my online activities is increased, I can see down the line that I may eventually be able to do this fulltime. Wouldn't that be sweet? Actually working for myself? Right now the income I get from my Squidoo activities alone won't cover my expenses, but taking other online stuff into account and with enough effort I won't need an outside job. SCARY, but also exhilarating.
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