Make Money at Squidoo

If you are someone who is already blogging or creating webpages, Squidoo is an opportunity you cannot pass up. You can make up a one-page website (Squidoo calls these pages lenses) in no time and add pictures, video and even advertisements. You just create your own original content about anything you want. You can have one single lens written about your favorite niche or any number of lenses covering what ever topic you want. This is niche marketing at it's finest and Google and the other search engines love Squidoo lenses.

Can I Make Money With Squidoo?

Well, one lensmaster has over 450 separate lenses and one in particular makes him $1,000 a month. Altogether there are over 650,000 separate lenses out there and more are being made today. People are starting to flock to Squidoo. The website itself is now in the top 300 worldwide for searches and climbing.

There are free tutorials being written that you can access on Squidoo about how to create a lens, use SEO tricks and tips, and it has an active forum where you can get advice from the people who are already doing it. Books and blogs are being written about Squidoo and money is being made. Go there. Look around. If you are not interested, at least you've done some valuable research on a potential market for yourself.


Joan said...

Your Squidoo blog looks great! Congratulations!

Bradshaw said...

Thanks Joan! Make sure you come back, I'm always writing more Squidoo posta.

Bradshaw said...

Wow, I can't believe this blog is already 3 months old! Keep stopping by Squidoo Land and continue leaving some comments. I love getting feedback and if you want me to write about something Squidoo-related, let me know!

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