What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is the brainchild of Seth Godin and others who put together a website where the content is generated by individual lensmasters (those who create their own pages)
and any revenue generated from those webpages, called lenses, is shared between the person who made the lens and Squidoo. 5% of any money generated gets sent to charity and the remainder is split 50/50. You can choose to have all, part or none of your share donated to charity as well.

You can search for other lenses by title or an associated keyword. Lenses are also classified according to the category the lensmaster chooses: computers & tech; entertainment; sports; health, just about everything you can name. There are currently about 650,000 separate lenses on Squidoo. Some good, some not so good. They are ranked and for each category you will find a top 100 list and one for the top one hundred lenses overall. The coveted number one spot overall has been held for some time by Janet21 with her lens called Are you a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad) Interested in Earning a Monthly Income? There are also top 100 lists by topic, by groups and by Giant Squids.

What The Heck is a Giant Squid?

The Giant Squids may sound like the name of a punk rock band, but they do a lot of the work around Squidoo. Giant Squids are those lensmasters who have been able to generate at least 50 high-quality lenses. Some moderate the forums, mentor others, and they basically provide inspiration for newbies and those toiling away with the lenses. They also get cool perks, but I'll get into that later.


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