Added Wayne Gretzky And Some Rookies Webpages

I built some new Squidoo webpages featuring some of the rookies playing in the National Hockey League this season. Mostly because I am a diehard hockey fan and just enjoy having these pages on Squidoo. It is almost like having a group of hockey cards (that I made myself) which is kind of funny.

Most of the Squidoo pages about hockey that I have made in the past have not ranked well or got much traffic or made much in the way of sales - I do get the odd NHL jersey sale, but they don't really generate much in the way of online income to justify the amount of time I spend on them, but I don't care. This is one area that I just enjoy and whether or not these pages make any money is not important to me. It's just the fun of creating something you like.

I have webpages about some old school hockey players that I grew up idolizing (like Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe) and a bunch of others from the present day as well as players who have retired in the last few years that I just enjoyed watching play in the NHL. I also have one about Sidney Crosby that I like. These ones were all made about 2 years ago and they are usually in tier 3 and get a little bit of traffic, but the vast majority of my hockey pages are way back in the lensrank but that's not important to me.

I'm happy to update them every once in a while and add any new information I dig up on the players but I guess those webpages I have made not for the money. I know some online marketers probably shutter at the thought, but those pages are for me and the few others who really like hockey.

I would suggest that if you are on Squidoo (and other revenue sharing websites) that you add some webpages about people, items and topics that appeal to you. You may not make much in the way of online income, but you will be paid back many times by your enjoyment of your hobby.

Here are the hockey pages I have recently added if you want to take a look:

PK Subban (Montreal Canadiens)
Cam Fowler (Anaheim Ducks)
Sergei Bobrovsky (Philadelphia Flyers)
Taylor Hall (Edmonton Oilers)

And of course, Wayne Gretzky. There probably are not too many webpages about these rookies, but there are thousands about Gretzky and his exploits so I'm not expecting tier one for that page. There are some really good pages on Squidoo about Gretzky, but I finally decided to have one of my own.

Like I said, make some pages about what - you - love. Forget about making money and just have fun. It will make your more important work that much more bearable if you have some topics online that you like working on.


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