Is $2000 Per Month Possible On Squidoo? One Webmaster Can Say Yes It Is

That's quite a claim! According to the powers that be at Squidoo, one person has indeed made $2000/month at Squidoo with their most recent payout. It wasn't me unfortunately, but I think I know who it was (but I won't say for their own privacy).

The most recent payday at Squidoo saw many people state that it had been their best ever (myself included) and on the Squidoo forum (called Squidu) there is a thread where those who like to discuss making money online and earning at Squidoo post about the news that one of us has passed the $2,000 a month barrier just with Squidoo earnings. You can find the thread here: $2000 per month on Squidoo?.

Like most, I would like to get my online endeavors working well enough to generate an online income like that and I can see down the line that it may be possible for me, but it will take a LOT of work. There are a lot of webmasters who are candid about their income earned at Squidoo and elsewhere if you look and there are many excellent tutorials on many aspects of making money online with Squidoo and elsewhere that are readily available on Squidoo. I really feel that being on Squidoo is akin to being in a sort of "online marketers school" because of the amount of information available for new people.


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