650,000 Squidoo Lenses and Counting...

The number of lenses already made on Squidoo has reached 650,000+. That is I would think, a real vote of confidence in the site and more are being created today. One of them should be yours.

The numbers are starting to get up there and I can see one million lenses appearing in the not too distant future. New lensmasters are joining and those already with a presence on Squidoo are expanding their numbers. Some have hundreds and are making a nice chunk of money and getting the word out on topics ranging from social marketing, SEO, digital cameras, and there's even some about getting rid of Toe Nail Fungus! All of these lenses are simple one-page websites covering broad and narrow niches.

You can make money creating lenses and some tutorials include:
Directory of Squidoo Help and Tutorials
Kathy's Squidoo Tutorials
Squidoo Newbie Landing Page
Tutorials Headquarters

All of these sites are made by various lensmasters and there are many, many others that give help with images, ideas for lenses, how to create a group on Squidoo, how to use RSS feeds, etc.


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