My Squidoo Goal: 20 New Lenses By Monday Morning

Okay, 20 new Squidoo lenses in 3 days?! -- "they'll be all crap!" I hear you say. No, they won't. I must confess that the newest Squidoo lenses I am going to release into the pond have already been started. I have even more ideas that I haven't even begun to work on. I currently have 148 webpages on Squidoo already, so I can crack out lenses that's for sure, but of course not all of them are top tier or money makers. I have lots of lenses that haven't produced a dime from lensrank let alone secondary sales. Those need work too and I am working on overhauling and fixing whatever ails my less productive lenses.

What I want to do is get a bunch of them that I have been working on (some for a couple of months or longer!) published. What I want is to have 200 Squidoo lenses on line and earning their keep by the time my one year anniversary roles around. That gives me until 14 August 2009 to get 52 more webpages up. I have a ton of material stockpiled and I am whittling my yet to be published lenses down to a more manageable number. Keep an eye on my lensmaster page for new titles because they're coming fast.


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