Only $1 A Day At Squidoo?

I just realized that when I got paid by Squidoo this last time that I had made more than $1 a day for each day of the month of April 2009. My total was only $34.22 from what all my lenses had earned for the month of April. I know what you're thinking... "$34 lousy bucks? Talk to me when you earn a thousand... or ten thousand!"

Yes, a "lousy" thirty-four dollars have found their way into my Pay Pal account courtesy of the good folks at Squidoo. But, that is $34 of online income I earned. It is not much and won't pay my mortgage or car insurance, but it is more than I would have had if I had been sitting in from of the TV like a Canucklehead and not worked on Squidoo. You have to look at success on Squidoo as a series of steps. Each success leads to a higher level of success. $34 this month, maybe $50 next month, a few months down the line and I could be looking at $100 each month. Still not enticing enough for you?

There are a fair number of people with Squidoo lenses who make much more than $100 a month. Take a look at the Squidu forum each month when the Squids mention what they made that particular month. There are a lot who cryptically say they "got a little less than last time" or "a little more." Many post at the Squidoo forum exactly what they made that month. I post each month what I make (I even have a lenspage where I show what you can expect each month) but as I start making a higher amount I can see how others are a little reticent about stating exactly what my earnings are.

I made slightly more than one dollar a day at Squidoo. What did you earn last month? What will we earn next month? I want to earn $2 a day, then I want to earn $5 a day. Do you see where I'm going with this? Do the work - you will be rewarded.


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