Olympic Pins: The Next Big Sporting Event At The Vancouver Olympics?

I've published a webpage all about the most current collectible Olympic pins for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Basically it is a catalog of all the 350 pins produced for this year's winter olympics. Actually, the page is incomplete as I am still adding much needed information about these highly sought after trading pins.

Like most I enjoy watching the Olympics and have noticed that Olympic pins always grab a bit of the spotlight during each olympic year. I am a collector of many things but I haven't ventured into the arena of pins with an olympic theme yet, although I do own several label pins that I've accumulated over the years. There are many rabid fans of memorabilia from the olympics and there is a thriving market for these pins and being someone who loves seeing collectibles I've decided to make a Squidoo page about the hobby. It is called Collecting 2010 Olympic Trading Pins if you would like to take a peek. The page has had some interest from visitors but is not really ranking or registering with Google or Squidoo, but that's fine. The page is still relatively new and needs a lot of work.

The problem with Olympic pin collecting is that there are so many pins to collect! There are 350 official 2010 Olympic pins from this Winter Olympics and the hobby covers all the past Olympiads and new pins are already appearing for the 2012 Summer Games in London. So the problem arises that there is only so much information that can be put on a single Squidoo page. A catalog of 350 of the most recent olympic trading pins leaves little or no room for descriptions about those from the past which are more valuable and sought after and the cool pins coming out now and in the run-up to the London games.

If you plunge into a field like collectible pins and memorablia, you find out how truly massive it is and how difficult it is to cover as much ground as possible. In order to be found by the avid collector is hard at best and almost impossible for such a new webpage so close to the current Olympiad. But I've decided to publish anyway. The way I look at it, by giving collectors a site that plays to their interests over time the page will get stronger and found by those with an interest in pins. The webpage itself will get re-written again and again with new information collectors will find interesting and expand. As time passes, Google will see that the page has some authority in the field and give it a bump in the Page Rank. By adding to the page and providing links to other pages of interest to pin collectors they will hopefully keep coming back to the page. Or maybe it will just crash and burn.

That's what I think is good about Squidoo pages. You can produce a page that is just okay and improve on it and expand on the topic covered either on the page itself, or by making more pages covering more facets of the topic and eventually you will have a vibrant community of pages that are all visited with some regularity by interested visitors. Of course, I could just end up becoming a collector myself and begin writing about a topic I've fallen in love with. Let's see where it goes...


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