Payday Today At Squidoo! Best Month Ever!


 I was working on a couple of my Squidoo pages and noticed that my revenue for eBay and Amazon sales was gone from my dashboard which usually means imminent payment. So I checked and Ka-Boom! Payday! The Big Blue Box alerting me to the fact that today was indeed payday.

Ad Pool: $16.47 - $2.80 - $0.14

Info Links: $3.22 - $0.55 - $0.03
That's what each of the 3 tiers received:
1st tier is those webpages ranked at Squidoo from 1-2,000. They received $16.47 from the combined adpool PLUS a further $3.22 from the Info Links revenue for a total of $19.69/lens in the top tier.
2nd tier (2,001 to about 8,500) received $2.80 in adpool revenue along with $0.55 from the Info Links for a total of $3.35 for each webpage ranked in the second tier.
3rd tier (8,501 to about 80,000 or so) received $0.14 in adpool revenue plus another $0.03 from the Info Links for a total of $0.17.

Along with the money made online at Squidoo through the ranking system, we also received money from Amazon and eBay and Cafe Press sales made during December. Your goal should be to try to increase this revenue as much as possible rather than relying on that generated by LensRank because it has a greater upside.
For myself, this is the third month in a row that my online money generated from Squidoo has increased and the amount was the most ever.  If you're thinking that you would like to give Squidoo a try, just sign up here:

All it costs is a little bit of time. There's tons of tutorials and a great forum for asking questions and very helpful people who have already gone through the start up stages. If I can make money online at Squidoo, just about anyone can, so give it a shot!


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