Yes! Google Page Rank 4 On My Squidoo Page

I just checked to see what the Page Rank of one of my top Squidoo pages has a Google Page Rank of 4, which is pretty darn good thank you very much. Getting a high page rank from Google is not too easy, although many pages in Squidoo's top tier have the same (maybe higher) ranking, I just wanted to crow a little about it. I do have many pages that are ranked 2 or 3, but having attained a level 4 means Google feels the page is of some authority.

The page jumps in and out of the page one in the search engines, occasionally taking the top spot in the serps for periods of time. I have several other high ranking pages that put in appearances on Google's first page of results, but it's nice seeing them given such authority by the serps. That sort of placement in search engine results usually means a fair bit of traffic heads my way, which is one of the main goals of trying to do well at Squidoo. More traffic means a better chance at more sales, more comments, a higher ranking in the Squidoo rankings and basically a bit more money in my PayPal account.

How are you Squidoo pages doing as far as Google Page Rank? I'm sure there's a bunch of people who do as well and better. Leave a comment, maybe a suggestion or two for others trying to improve on their results.


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