Just Got Paid By Squidoo! A Record For me

Ya just gotta love Squidoo. I just checked my Squidoo dashboard and spotted that I had just been paid and it is a new record for me! Twice what I got last month and THAT was a personal best. I thought that my Christmas payout was sweet, but this was totally unexpected.

I've been on Squidoo since August 2008 and slowly have built up the number of webpages I have over there and experienced a corresponding increase in money going into my pocket. Really, KEEP AT IT - you will eventually see a nice return if you put in the work.

My top lenses earned $20.96 total EACH! - $16.47 for the ad pool plus another $4.48 from the Infolinks payout. Second tier pages got $2.80 plus $0.76 each for a total of $3.56 and the bottom tier gave $0.18 total. This doesn't include amounts earned from sales from Amazon, eBay and the other revenue modules available to lensmakers. I just created a new page today and obviously I want to get back and make more. It's like "create a page and give yourself a raise."


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