Back At Squidoo With Fiery Determination

I have been reviewing my Squidoo webpages and updating all those that needed a thorough makeover. I once again have allowed them to stagnant a bit as I worked on other online activities, but I am back again with a firm determination of purpose.

I am looking forward to the next several months at Squidoo as I plan on a major rollout of a bunch of new webpages based on the ideas I've accumulated over the last several months. My earnings from the website dipped a little because of the lack of upkeep, but that portion of my online income will likely bounce back with some diligence. This year I plan on being ready for the upcoming Christmas season unlike the last 2 years where I left everything until the last minute. It may be only August, but keeping an eye on what I had hoped to accomplish after the last holiday season, I still plan on adding to my Xmas lenses. I do have a number that I started publishing last January and will be expanding considerably this holiday season and doing much, much more to increase my presence online at Squidoo and on other similar websites.

I don't want to show my hand too early, but the number of webpages I have on the Squidoo website will likely double from the current 184 published pages (yes I said double). It is not that my plan is to pump out dreck and terrible webpages and try to get more income with quantity. These are some pretty good ideas that I have if I do say so myself and I see my income at least doubling as well.

Recently I was able to earn enough online to cover my mortgage payment and if the effort I bring to my online activities is increased, I can see down the line that I may eventually be able to do this fulltime. Wouldn't that be sweet? Actually working for myself? Right now the income I get from my Squidoo activities alone won't cover my expenses, but taking other online stuff into account and with enough effort I won't need an outside job. SCARY, but also exhilarating.


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