List Of Best Punk Rock Videos

I've put together a nice webpage highlighting the top punk rock songs and you can check it out at Top 25 Punk Rock Songs Of All Time. There is a voting option and you can add your favorite punk song. All the links will take you to a particular video, so if you vote for Anarchy in the UK - Sex Pistols or Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones for example, that will add to that song's vote total. When a song makes it into the Top 25, it will be featured. One good feature is that all the songs listed are links to a video of the band playing that song. It's almost like a playlist for the best of punk.

You can also add punk rock songs to the list. There are at least 100 great punk anthems listed, but if you find one missing, just add it to the list and vote for it. You can vote for more than one song at a time.


Bradshaw said...

This webpage about Punk Rock Music actually went sort of viral on Facebook with over 2,600 people stopping by from the social networking site. It never hurts to add a link here and there on Facebook and other sites because you can get floods of traffic from time to time.

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