Reassessment At HubPages: Enhancing My Efforts To Generate An Online Income

I have been working on Squidoo for quite some time and came to a realization that I was limiting my online success by sticking with just one platform. I have had an account with HubPages for a long time but never really bothered to give the site enough attention. It's funny how something so obvious suddenly occurs to you, that you are leaving a great opportunity to make money online or offline untapped. So, as far as HubPages goes, I'd like to tap that.

No, I am not foregoing Squidoo. Squidoo is like a comfortable pair of slippers to me. I know how to use the website and I enjoy working with it and my experience with them (and the people there) has been profitable and will hopefully continue to be profitable.

My income from Squidoo continues to flourish (no, I'm not about to retire and live off my Squidoo residual income - I wish) and I see it increasing as time passes. I am seeing the result of a lot of work starting to pay off and it may just be because it is the Christmas season, but I keep seeing new highs as far as earnings and traffic to my Squidoo pages. The good thing is that it is not just one or two pages but broadly based.

Traffic is flowing to a lot of my Squidoo pages and I am seeing money for lensrank, Amazon, eBay and the other affiliates I use. It has been a lot of work to get to this point and it will be a lot of work to STAY in this position and to keep getting better. That's why I am looking hard at Hubpages right now.

Right now I am in "lurker mode" checking out the competition, reading lots of hubs, learning everything I can about how the website operates and going through the forum over at HubPages. The HubPages Forums are SO much better than they were when I joined HubPages 2 years ago and are very active, which I like to see. You can learn a lot by reading what peoples' impressions are of a website by combing through its forum. One of the suggestions I give anyone starting at Squidoo is get your butt over to the Squidu forum and READ everything.

At the forum: Read, read and read some more

I haven't had a chance to really look for a lot of tips and suggestions posted by HubPages member yet, but I will shortly. If you go through the Squidoo forum, you will find a wealth of tips, tricks and most importantly, TUTORIALS on how to do almost everything from creating Squidoo pages as well as using basic HTML and formating your work.

If you are new to Internet marketing, you can find out everything you need to know about making money with Squidoo and how to apply that knowledge elsewhere. Even if you are not new to marketing online, it's a good idea to see what's there. No one is an expert in every aspect of online marketing and if you are not learning, you are falling behind or soon will be. If you disagree, and think you know all you need to know to succeed, why are you reading this blog? I'm doing okay thank you very much, but I know that there are people out there doing much better than I am and many are willing to share their expertise.

My Plan For A HubPages Expansion

I am doing okay on Squidoo, but like I said, I have been leaving money on the table by not looking beyond the safe comforts of Squidoo and so, I plan on grabbing a bunch of pages over at HubPages.

There are several people who have posted in the Squidu forum about how they are doing with HubPages including dollar amounts (remember what I said about reading EVERYTHING at the forum?) and I think I have enough skill to generate another source of income with that website. I have ideas for some Hubs that would actually complement my Squidoo pages and help broaden what I'm doing as far as gaining a stronger position in some niches. And I can work on some new niche ideas I've been turning over in my mind. You always hear "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Well, it's time to get some new baskets, add a few chickens to the roost and start feeding them some fast-growth chicken feed.

Other Areas I Am Working On

Besides planning on moving some of my focus to HubPages, I have been checking out several other areas that look intriguing. I have written about Xomba, SheToldMe and Best Reviewer before, but I really think these revenue-sharing sites may prove to be another source of Adsense income as well as generally complementing my Squidoo pages and eventually my HubPages.

They are starting to drive some traffic around my blogs, Squidoo pages etc and I am seeing an increase is revenue. Not more than a trickle at this point, but enough so that I should alert you to these sites. Like I said, they help get people to your various websites, blogs or what have you plus they do actually generate some adsense earnings which is nice.

Adsense has never been a major money maker for me but the results I am seeing from these sites are starting to catch my attention. Some are do-follow back links and others are not, but they are getting people onto my pages and then I am getting some of them onto my affiliates pages. That alone should get you thinking about joining them.

I have some referral links on this blog, but you can always Google them and check out some reviews, but the best reviews you can make is to use them yourself. If they don't work for you or me, I would just drop them and move on. But right now it seems getting backlinks (any backlinks) is what helps get your pages noticed by people and the serps, and if you can get backlinks and traffic PLUS make a little money, that sounds like a win-win.

There are a number of other revenue sharing sites I am rummaging around and after I test them out a bit further I will post something about whether they look good too.

In the meantime, my main focus will be to consolidate what I am doing with Squidoo, make some moves on HubPages and see how it goes.


LindaJM said...

Bradshaw, I made my first hub on October 19, less than two months ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! I had been a HubPages member for nearly two years but never made a hub until I decided to do it for a backlink to my horse movies lens.

Well, one hub was all it took. I love the site! Since then I've joined the HubChallenge and now have 33 hubs. I'm getting good traffic considering how new they are, and am making Amazon sales and have had some AdSense clicks, though not a lot yet.

By the way, that AdSense? Don't give up on it. I'm doing good at Squidoo but I earn a lot more from AdSense every month - from links on my many blogs and websites. I expect that within a year I'll have a good AdSense revenue stream through HubPages as well.

Anyhow, HubPages: YES ... this is a great complement to your Squidoo lens empire. However, do note that at first your backlinks will be no-follow. You need to have more than 75 HubScore. However that isn't hard to achieve. I did it in about a week and a half, maybe less. Oh, and HubPages allows only 2 links to a domain per hub.... so you can't just backlink like crazy like we can do on Squidoo.

Have fun with it. I'm LindaJM there, just like on Squidoo.

Bradshaw said...

Hi LindaJM, thanks for the comment.

Yep, I am definitely itching to get a few hubs under my belt. I didn't know about the no-follow til the HubScore 75, which sounds like a good policy - helps weed out the spam.

And I am not giving up on Adsense, no way lol. I've read about how people make money online with Adsense all over the Internet for a while now and I've been hoping to kickstart that program.

And continued success with HubPages for you too. It sounds like you're getting a good footing on their website and that makes me think I may be able to get in there too. 33 Hubs?! That's really good after less than 2 months.

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