Record Payouts At Squidoo: Also A Personal Best

Yesterday was PayDay at Squidoo and I was very pleased with the results of the work I had been doing. At Squidoo you are paid usually around the 15th of each month and most find out by logging into Squidoo and going to their dashboard where the infamous Blue Box appears stating how much you were paid.

I have broken down how people on Squidoo get paid in previous articles so I won't go into a lot of detail except to say that one of the methods of making money online at Squidoo is by how your webpages rank against those of other Squidoo members. There are about 2 million pages on Squidoo these days (only about 650,000 when I started 2 yrs ago!) and some are REALLY bad while others are top notch work. I would suggest you visit as many of the better ones as you can to find out the level of quality of the best ones.

In order to make money through Squidoo Lensrank, your webpage needs to rank at about 85,000 or higher. That is not always easy, but as always, the cream rises to the top. The Lensrank scale is divided into 3 "Tiers":

Tier One: Pages ranked from number 1-2,000.
Tier Two: Pages ranked 2,000-10,000.
Tier Three: Pages ranked 10,000-85,000.

That is the webpage's average pagerank over a month's time. You can find out what your page's lensrank is by going to the stats page on you dashboard for each of you webpages. Because there can be a lot of fluctuation because of traffic, sales and other factors, your page may move up or down in the lensrank scale. If you've made a page and it floats up into the top tier for a few days (good job!) but then slips back into tier 2 or 3, it will be your average rank for the month that your Squidoo pay will be based on.

Also, you are paid monthly on Squidoo but there is some delay in when you will see any money in your account. We were just paid on December 15th for our Lensrank (and sales) from October. So if you had been on Squidoo for some time and had some successful Halloween pages that ranked well, your earnings for October were paid this month. November will be paid in January and December will be paid in February.

The payouts for this last payday were of course based on your average October Lensrank as follows:

Tier One: $24.98
Tier Two: $4.25
Tier Three: $0.21

Added to that are InfoLink payments which were paid out as follows:

Tier One: $5.80
Tier Two: $0.99
Tier Three: $0.05

There is also the possibility of getting some Chitika advertising payments:

Tier One: $0.17
Tier Two: $0.03
Tier Three: $0.00

So, theoretically for each ranking webpage you could have made money on Squidoo as follows:

Lensrank + InfoLink + Chitika

Tier One: $24.98 + $5.80 + $0.17 = $30.95
Tier Two: $4.25 + $0.99 + $0.03 = $5.27
Tier Three: $0.21 + $0.05 + $0.00 = $0.26

And that is not including any sales you may have made through Amazon, eBay or other affiliates. On a personal note, this was my highest ever payout from Squidoo and I am quite pleased with the results I have been getting with the website and look forward to next month's payout and especially February's which will include Christmas sales. I am pretty sure it will be a personal best as I have already done 4 times as much in sales this December compared to last year.

If you want to take a look at the Squidoo Forum posts for those people talking about their Squidoo earnings, here's a link: Squidu Forum


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