Man, Do I Love Sushi!

Is there anything quite as tasty as sushi? I just love the stuff. Even bad sushi is good as far as I'm concerned. Why am I going on and on about sushi? Well, I've had a hankering for some sushi for a while now and there's a tiny sushi bar near where I work so I went in after work and got myself some. A tiny bit of ginger, a little wasabi and soy sauce, some chopsticks and a tasty little meal for me.

Of course right afterwards I thought "Hey! Why not make a Squidoo lens about sushi!" So I checked to see if there was any sushi lenses on Squidoo and the search term pulled up 172 lenses! Holy smokes! But not all were about sushi. Sure there's some like Beginners guide to making sushi and Sushi Recipe Favorites, so maybe I won't make a sushi lens after all. I hate treading on the toes of other lensmasters. Still, for the love of sushi I thought I'd give a little Squidoo Land love and toss out some links to these tasty lenses.

Meanwhile, I've got a new restaurant to visit every week or so. Okay, I think I can stop raving about sushi now. But if you haven't tried it - do it. You won't be disappointed. 'Nuff said.


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