Okay, My Ghost Pictures Lens Is Rising Again

The Halloween lens that just won't quit! I wrote about this lens awhile back because it started to rise (from the dead, mwa, ha, ha - do you like my evil laugh?) and is showing some life yet again. I wrote it up back in October as some Halloween fun and it did okay and started sliding in the rankings. Then in late November and early December when I (like everyone else) was obsessing over Christmas, it leapt into the top tier for a day or two and was my top ranked lens for a while. Okay, cool. Odd, but cool nonetheless. It started sliding back down on my dashboard and I figured it would disappear until I dusted it off for next Halloween.

But there it is again. The dang thing is haunting me. It's now back up there ranking around 5,000 overall and is experiencing yet another spike in traffic. I'm getting visitors from Google (ah, my beloved Google. Have I said I loved Google today?) and Yahoo and Directs (yes, people actually typing in my Ghost pictures lens address!), and Squidoo referrals (have I expressed my thanks to my fellow lensmasters today?) and a dash of AOL and MSN. The lens is number 3 on my dashboard and looking like it might hurtle it's way back into the top tier (dare to dream!)

C'mon folks! It's February! Think Cupid! Flowers for that lovely lady waiting for you to stop looking at spooky pictures and get off the computer. Go throw your arms around her and tell her you love her.

But save my Ghost Pictures lens to your favorites first. Yeesh, the way this lens keeps popping up around the holidays it will likely have another traffic spike around that ghostly time of year, the 4th of July!


Veronica said...

My Paranormal lenses are all doing great now. It's a trend I think

Mortira said...

Do you find that it's a wonderful pat on the back when a large percentage of your traffic is Direct? What better feeling is there than knowing people are favoriting your work? Squid high five!

Bradshaw said...

Back at ya! Love the directs. I check the stats of several my various lenses from time to time and the sources of traffic is always surprising. I get the odd visitor from Italy or Guam for this or that lens, or a link from something completely unrelated. It all adds up.

The paranormal folks are always going against the trends. Maybe I should put together some more lenses and make myself a little extra-ordinary group for all my oddball lenses.

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