The Squidoo Lens and Blogger Combo

I've got this combo. I have this Blog (Squidoo Land) and over 100 Squidoo lenses. What do I do to make some money from this endeavor? To find a list of my lenses check out my Squidoo lensmaster page. Hey! I have 177 Squidoo fans! That a listing of all those Squids who joined my fan club. You can join at my lensmaster page, (but you have to be a member of Squidoo).

What I have is a mixture of all sorts of different Squidoo lenses. Lens about movies, celebrities, some sports lenses, quite a few hockey lenses. If you are unfamiliar with Squidoo, I have made some lenses about how to begin at Squidoo. Check my two lenses Squidoo Newbie Landing Page and Squidoo and Lens Making.

Squidoo Newbie Landing Page

This is a page where new people to Squidoo can go to figure out how to put a lens together. It is really very easy, just a few minutes to put some information into a few models. Maybe add some pictures. Publish. And you're done. But what do you make that lens about? Maybe a celebrity, or movie. I have one called AnnaLynne McCord that's doing pretty good. Drawing some traffic and getting some Google love. Another I like is a new lens called Fallen Canadian Soldiers In Afghanistan. This lens is a tribute to the 109 Canadian soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan.

But the Newbie lens is doing okay, with some traffic. I think it is a good introductory site for those inexperienced with Squidoo. I would like to write more on doing better with Squidoo. There is money to be made with Squidoo lenses as I've found out personally. Can you make money online with Squidoo?

Squidoo and Lens Making

This lens is about how I've done with Squidoo. Not much in the way of money yet, but I'm getting paid once a month from Squidoo. Why aren't you? There are some lensmasters making a lot more money than I am right now, but what I'm getting is increasing each month. For the lowest ranking lens in the overall number of Squidoo lenses out there you will get eight cents. If all my published lenses were in the third tier, I would have eight cents times my 127 lenses. I would have $10.16. If they were all in the 2nd tier (I wish!) I would have $231.14 - 127 lenses times $1.82 for each lens in the 2nd tier. But what about having ALL lenses in the top tier? The top 2,000 lenses each received $11.63 for having an average Squidoo ranking of 2,000 or less over the whole month of November. My 127 published lenses would have earned me $1,477.01 if the all were ranked in the top tier.

Just remember that it is HARD to get a lens or two in the top tier and get it to stay there! I've had lenses in the top tier for only a day a week, but never for an entire month (I might have one for February). I want to get more of my lenses into the top tier, but it is difficult. Just keep putting good unique information into lenses and update it fairly often and you will have a lens that is ranked in the money. It could be only eight cents or it could be $11.82. That's only one lens. You can see how hard it would be to make a lot of money at Squidoo if you relied only on lensrank. So you might want to try some affiliate sales. There's lots of opportunity to make money on Squidoo with affiliate marketing. Or maybe you just want to create lenses for the fun of it, or maybe you can donate money made on your Squidoo lenses. Many lensmasters have excellent lenses that generate money for charities. But if you are motivated by money, there is money to be made.

So how to I go about including these lenses with my blog? I actually do that already. Most of my lenses have a section where I provide excerpts from my blog. Take a look at some of my lenses and you will see that Squidoo provides a module that allows you to link your posts directly onto your lenses.


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