Told Ya! Ghost Pictures Is In Tier One Again!

Well, I knew it was going to happen. Just like I wrote a few days ago, my pictures of ghosts lens made the leap into the top tier with the latest update in Squidoo rankings. Here's the Squidoo Land post. It is sitting at number 1,749 overall.

Weird. It's kind funny how the lenses you just do for fun sometimes end up as your best performing lenses. Just a simple little lens for Halloween and just before Valentine's Day it lands in the money. It's doubtful the lens will stay in the top tier long enough to give it an over all ranking of between 1-2000 which is what would be needed to generate tier one money, but enjoy it while it is there I say.

I was checking and as of today I don't have any lenses in the 2nd tier, but I've got 14-15 lenses in the 3rd tier where they may generate $0.08 cents each when I get paid for February at Squidoo. Almost a whole dollar. I guess I should look at the bright side: that's a dollar more than what I would have if I didn't have those Squidoo lenses.

Still, I'm going to enjoy my little day in the sun, whoop whoop, I have a tier one Squidoo lens! Okay now back to making new lenses and updating old ones. Maybe someday I will have 10 lenses in the top tier... Now that would be sweet.


Bradshaw said...

It is funny how Squidoo pages bounce up and down the lensrank. I made this lens at the last minute about pictures of ghosts for Halloween and didn't really think much more about it. It didn't really rank as well as I had hoped during October of that year, but it eventually found its way into Tier 1 the following January.

Then it slipped out, but it went back up into the top rank again for the following October, which shows that as Squidoo pages age, they start doing better, especially if they are seasonal.

For whatever reason, this ghost page has been getting a fair bit of traffic for the last month and today it sits at about 1,000 in Squidoo lensrank and again is in Tier 1. I continually add to it and move some things around, but don't make any major changes. This page that was a quick "one-off" has turned out to be a nice little moneymaker for me, not throwing off lots of money every month or even being my best money maker, but it has padded my total in my PayPal account.

This shows that if you make a seasonal webpage at Squidoo, like a Christmas page or an Easter page and even if it is disappointing in the short term, STICK WITH THEM! Keep working on them to make them better and you should be rewarded next year as the holiday rolls around.

I am noticing the same thing with my Christmas pages that I made so late in the year last Christmas - they are making sales and some have respectable lensrank which means some more come Squidoo Payday.

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