Facebook: My President Obama Fan Club Is Drawing Members!

Cool! My group on Facebook dedicated to newly minted President Obama is about to get it's one hundredth member. I know that there are many, many other Obama groups out there on Facebook, but this one I started. You can take a look at the group by going to President Obama Fan Club. Join up if you support Barack Obama.

It's kinda cool when something you do on Facebook or elsewhere on the internet starts working and drawing interest. I have several other groups on Facebook, but they are still in the embryonic stage. I don't know if this group will ever rival some of Obama's other fan groups (one has over 4 million members!) but if you make the right group at the right time... There are a LOT of really, really big groups on Facebook and MySpace that can generate a fair bit of traffic to your lenses (or blogs). Maybe you will get a sale here or there because of it. Maybe you won't. All I know is that if you give people a place to voice their opinions/hopes/complaints etc and let them know it is there for them, some will start showing up. Hmmm... I wonder who the Republicans will have as their candidate for the next election. Or maybe which team will contest the Superbowl next year (the Cardinals surprised everyone this year, except Cards fans of course!)

A little work here and there on Facebook could mean a trickle of traffic or a flood. Just keep the info fresh and interesting and people do start showing up. It may not be the tightly focused traffic with their credit cards in their hot little hands, but it is traffic nontheless. I'm just happy that people are enjoying the little group I started! Now... on to the next one.


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