Have You Tried This Squidoo Widget?

I really like this widget that came out a few months ago from Captain Squid's Widget Squid website. There's a bunch of other great widgets that you can use for free at the site.

Basically, all you have to do is just click on the widget below, hover over any of the pictures to enlarge it. There is a description provided for the item and the time remaining in that particular auction.

If you want to search for items other than "Twilight" on eBay, just input a different search term in the search box and you will be presented a new set of pictures of items matching your new search term. Cool, right?

The really cool thing is that you can have a bunch of items displayed like they are above, or you can display one item only, or you can display YOUR EBAY STORE!! Imagine that! A widget on your Squidoo lens that shows everything you are selling at eBay. You can have traffic arriving at your lens and find your copy of this widget displaying all your wonderful eBay stuff. You need to check this out!


Mortira said...

That's pretty nifty - and it looks really nice, too. Thanks for passing this on!

Bradshaw said...

It really is a cool lil widget.

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