What The? My AnnaLynne McCord Lens Is Suddenly Red Hot!

If been off Squidoo Land for a few days dealing with personal issues. Unfortunately, a loved one passed away January 2nd, so I have had little interest in online marketing or Squidoo, but I've just checked the AnnaLynne McCord I blogged about last week. I had determined that I would try to get that particular lens into the top 10 in it's category, Pop Culture and Celebs and it is now in the the top 20, sitting at number 19! I had planned on reviewing those lenses that made up the top ten in the category in order to try to get my AnnaLynne McCord bio lens to rank better. I figured I should write something because I'm happy about the upward trend. Hopefully I'll be motivated to write more soon.


Stan Page said...

I am sorry for your loss :(

Bradshaw said...

Thanks Stan. I really appreciate your comment.

My Dad passed away suddenly, right after New Year's. I'm still pretty broken up about it, but I know he would be kicking my butt if I didn't keep moving forward.

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