I Made It! I'm A Giant Squid! Now What?

I did it! Yea me! I just got the email confirmation from the powers that be over at Squidoo that I have been bestowed with Giant Squid status. I get a nifty badge and everything!

I am actually surprised about this because although I had enough lenses, you need 50 great lenses to be given Giant Squid status, I of course was a little nervous because I didn't think that the quality was there. I am currently working on my 127th lens (I have about 40 waiting in the wings to be published).

When I started at Squidoo, I set 3 goals for myself:

1. Have 100 lenses. Done.
2. Attain Giant Squid status. Done.
3. Generate $1,000 a month from Squidoo after a year. Not yet done, but some progress.

I got to 100 lenses really quickly. I started at Squidoo in mid-August 2008 and had 100 lenses by the end of September (a lot of work!). Now I'm a Giant Squid. If you are wondering what being a Giant Squid means, see this Squidoo Land post about Giant Squid status. Now for the hard part. Actually the last two goals were the hard parts. Making money from Squidoo is possible, but not easy. I'll be reporting here at Squidoo Land about my progress. Come back and I'll try to show you how I'm doing and hopefully provide some useful advise.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a "Happy Me" dance on my getting Giant Squid status.


katinka - spirituality said...

Now what? Isn't it obvious? Make sure the rest of your lenses are good enough so you stand a chance at giant squid top 100 status.

OR find your niche and make some real money. OR both...

Bradshaw said...

Thanks Katinka. Good advice. I hadn't thought seriously about Top 100 status, but now I'm going to have to give it some extra consideration. Gotta work that niche.

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