Fallen Canadian Soldiers: A Tribute

It's with a heavy heart that I published my latest lens. Entitled Fallen Canadian Soldiers In Afghanistan, it is a tribute to the 108 men and women who have died in Afghanistan.

It is, unfortunately, likely to need regular updating. Difficult though it may be, I would recommend taking a look at the faces and information of these people who have left behind many, many grieving loved ones. I think it is very important to put faces and names to the numbers: 108 and counting.

This is a personal lens as well. Although I don't believe I knew any of the soldiers listed myself (one at least from my hometown has fallen), the faces do have a ring of familiarity. They are from all across Canada.

As well, I'd like to dedicate the lens to the 4,551 who have died in Iraq. And the countless others who have been horribly injured, maimed or worse. And their families.


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