Giant Squid By December?

I've decided to revise my goals and put myself forward for Giant Squid status for the next round in December 2008. To become a Giant Squid, you need to create 50 quality lenses. I have over 100 already and I think many would meet the scrutiny of any selection committee, but I refrained from putting my name in for September's round because to be honest, I don't think 50 of them are at the level, quality-wise, that would guarantee approval. You have to remember that I've only been creating lenses for since mid-august so although I have exceeded my own expectations, I don't think I've quite reached the point where I can request a Giant Squid patch for my lenses.

I have read in the Squidoo forums that some lensmakers think that just having a total of 50 lenses is enough to be selected. Others differ in their opinion, (and I'm on this side) and feel more quality is needed than sheer quantity. I know several of my lenses would easily pass, but by December, I will have had more time to polish up the best of my lenses and will have put together more which any lensmaster would be proud. I am currently working on 7 new lenses that I'm keeping in WIP (Work In Progress) status rather than creating them and publishing them immediately as I've done in the past. At least of them should have a good ranking and will have some traffic. I'll let you know here when I publish them and also I'll announce them in the Squidoo forum "Critique My Lens."

Currently there are about 179 lensmasters with Giant Squid status, with all the powers and priviledges that membership bestows. My plan is now to become one of them by December. Then I'll be taught the secret "tentacle handshake" and move on to my next goals which will be to make at least 1K from Squidoo and also join the even more exclusive Griant Squid Top 100 Club. Wish me luck!


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