I Finally Got Myself A Halloween Lens

Hopefully, I'll be able to cobble together some more for next year, but I do have a new Halloween lens. I've called it Ghost Pictures and it's a lens showing a bunch of photographs about scary spookies and ghosties and the like with some cool video throw in. I just felt I had to put something together for Halloween. Tell me what you think. I kinda like it. Now I've really got to concentrate on putting out some Xmas lenses. I've been mulling over quite a few ideas, and have one almost finished (mentioned below), but the ideas just keep popping into my melon so I put them on the back burner. It's a good thing I write my ideas down. I've got a couple of booklets where I scribble ideas and diagrams and such. Maybe I should just walk away for a week. Nah, I can't!

I've also put together a Christmas lens called iPods For Christmas, but it's still a work in progress, but hopefully it'll be up and running later this evening. Other new lenses are Jon Hamm (the lead guy from Mad Men), and of course my brand new Hockey group lens, Hockey World Headquarters. Including that Xmas lens I still have 16 more lenses waiting in the wings!

I really need to slow down and re-assess my current lenses. At this rate I'll have 200 by Christmas.


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