I've Started A Squidoo Group

I've taken the plunge. I just started my first group and it has 34 lenses in it already. Called Hockey World, basically if you have a Squidoo lens with anything hockey related, join and you're in. So far it's mostly contains individual players, but there are some others like Detroit Red Wings win the Cup again. There's a Gordie Howe lens, a Maurice Richard lens. You get the picture. Also, it has Sid the Kid and Ovechkin. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Bradshaw said...

This group has been well received and generates some traffic for the lenses included. It even received an award for excellence! Not bad for my first efforts at putting together a group. When I next cobble together another group or two, I'll announce it here at Squidoo Land. If you are already on Squidoo, you really should consider making a group of your own. Let me know and maybe I'll be able to join.

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