Wow! The Race For Giant Squid Status In On!

I was just at the forum over at Squidoo and there's a hot topic being discussed right now. It concerns the upcoming deadline for attaining Giant Squid status and the thread is already on it's 10th page! The discussion is called Potential Giant Challenge December 31 Deadline but remember, you have to log in as a Squidoo member to leave a post.

All the Squidoo lensmasters are trying to get 50 lenses created before the deadline so they can have the "Giant Squid" badge on each of their lenses. Just to let you know, I've also thrown my hat into the ring because I want to have the privileges (and bragging rights too) that come with this enhanced status. What special rights and powers come with this honor?

What Happens When I Become A Giant Squid?

Well, besides having 50 great lenses, you get access to the Giant Squid Blog (it's all hush, hush - trading squid recipes etc., teaching the secret Squidoo handshake), but really, they post really interesting articles that help them make better lenses, SEO, that kinda stuff (or so I'm told, but I still think they trade recipes).

They get access to Megan Casey through email. She's a Squidoo bigwig (no she doesn't wear a wig).

The Badge.

A Gold Star on all your published lenses. (Here's a secret: the gold star gives a little nudge in the lens rankings dept.)

You get a special template for making "custom lenses." It helps big time in creating lenses. I WANT THIS ONE!

You get the lowdown about new modules, lens features and stuff before the rest of us do.

And a special dashboard.

What does it take to get Giant Squid Status? Besides hard work?

50 really good lenses. Not just 50 lenses. 50 lenses that stand out. They are above the norm. Each one should be about something interesting and somewhat unique. If you have 1,000 okay lenses or 5-6 absolute masterpieces, but the rest are only so-so, you won't make it.

You can sell stuff on your lenses, but a lens chock full of ebay and Amazon modules makes your lens look a little spammy. Get some good content about the products you are selling. Put a little you into it. Jazz it up with some photos, maybe a little color. Don't go overboard with a zillion weird fonts. That will just drive people away. Try to use different squidoo modules. There are plenty available. Don't stick with the same ones on all your lenses. Avoid the cookie-cutter approach.

And make sure you change the defaults on the module headings. I hate seeing a lens with "New Amazon Plexo" or "New eBay" that just won't make the cut.

Even straight A students don't get into Princeton

Take a look at one of the better lenses about getting there called THE GIANT SQUIDS (and how you can become one) by MeganCasey (one of the head honchos at Squidoo). Lots of info you will need to know if you want to get into the club. She uses that great line I used in the title to this section "Even straight A students don't get into Princeton." There's a LOT of people working towards becoming a Giant Squid (more and more each time) so the competition is getting tougher and the standards higher. Remember, if you don't make it this time, you can try again in 3 months. Not everyone makes it their first time out of the shoot.

When The Next Deadline? How Do I Sign Up?

The current deadline is December 31st, and the next one ends March 31st. Obviously it runs every 90 days. How do you sign up? There's an email link on your dashboard down in the lower lefthand side.

Better get cracking! There's a whole school of Squids already working like crazy for this honor. Will you be one of the few who make it this time? I wish you luck. Now stop reading my blog for heaven's sake! You've got lenses to make! Well maybe save it as a favorite first so you can read more of my brilliant ramblings later.

Okay, now GO!


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