List Your Favorite Squidoo Pages In Slinkset Directory

Yeah, I'm the guy who is always adding links to funny videos or to my latest Squidoo creation. Sorry if I'm annoying any of my friends with them, but I like sharing what I've found on the Internet. That's what I'm doing right now - trying to share a source for some back links that might help your websites and more importantly, your Squidoo pages. It would also work for Hubpages, Facebook and the like.

You can list your page on and give your webpage a little bit of backlink juice. Sure, it won't automatically push your work onto page one of Google with this one little link, but it is free and takes a short amount of time to put your page in the directory.

You can add your Squidoo pages to the Squidoo Lenses (you have to join the site which is free) and then click the "Submit" button and input your pages information. And there it is - instant backlink. I did it for some of my Squidoo pages (like my Jellycat and my Calendar Frames and Holders pages). Because visitors to the site can vote for those links they like, I've been lucky enough to get a couple of votes for my Jellycat page.

One other cool thing is that you can also create your own group. You can have an open group - where others can submit links they like or just a closed group where you have just your own page choices.

Here's an example of a closed group I created:

The Best Music Sites On The Internet

It is just a group of links to various music sites that I happen to think are the best on the Internet. No one else can add to the list, but they can vote if they want.

The Squidoo group is an example of an open group. Two open groups I have created are Christmas and The Best Calendars. The Christmas group is for all things Christmas-related and the calendar group is just where I put some of my calendar webpages. You can add to them or vote for them or start a new group all your own.

As I said, this won't immediately give you page one of Google, but if you have little or no traffic to your webpages on Squidoo or on Hubpages or elsewhere, it could be because the mighty Google or Yahoo don't think your pages are relevent. Finding more backlinks is one step to getting more love from the search engines and this is one way to do it. Just don't try to flood all your webpages with a ga-zillion backlinks all from directories like Slinkset or it will look like spam and that can be worse than no links at all.

If you know of any other good directories where you can get backlinks from, leave a note in the comments section below.


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