How To Make A Million Dollars & No I Don't Have An eBook To Sell You

To me, there are two basic ways to make one million dollars:

1. Have one person give you one million dollars.

2. Have one million people give you one dollar.

Two simple choices, but both have their good points and both have some drawbacks. First of all, with choice number one, you have to find a person who has one million dollars and who is willing to let you walk away with that one million dollars. There are a lot of rich people in the world but finding one who will part with their cash no strings attached is highly unlikely. If by chance you do find some of these people, send them my way.

The second choice is actually just as difficult. Just walk up to a stranger and ask them to give you a dollar. Most likely you will get a snide comment for your trouble and be told to move along and stop bothering people. You will get the odd kind soul who will give you a dollar because they will want to help you out. That's the interesting part. A single dollar is obviously not held as tightly by people as a million dollars would be.

That's why I am in online marketing. You can provide a simple service to hundreds, even millions of people every single day and some will provide you with a dollar - or a nickel or a penny - for your trouble. It is difficult to be found on the Internet and elsewhere, but if you increase your online presence one step at a time, by providing solutions to people you will see some money start to trickle in.

Basically with affiliate marketing, you are a bridge helping people find what they are looking for and you can collect a toll for guiding people across to the place they want to go.

Right now it is early September and many people are online, looking for information about this or that celebrity, or wondering what they will wear for Halloween. Some are already shopping like crazy for Christmas, while others are relaxing and considering a trip. There are a million different people all searching online for a million different reasons. That's why you need to concentrate on building up your online presence.

You can try 2 different methods to make money online - you can try to dominate a niche or sector of the online world, like Amazon does with books, or Google does with online advertising, or you can do more of a hit and run kind of operation. By that I don't mean doing anything illegal or unethical, I just mean having a small or tiny operation that generates a small amount every day or so.

To begin, you won't likely be able to stand astride the Internet like a collossus because there are a lot of very big companies and individuals already in place. Trying to immediate dominate any money-making portion of the Internet right off the bat is like asking one person for a million dollars - it's not going to happen for you, unless you are extremely lucky or innovative or both.

What you need to do is to work on a daily basis to generate some income from your online marketing and affilate work. It may be just pennies a day or you may see nothing at all. You will think this is not worth your time and you may want to give up and try something else. You need to picture your goal of one million dollars or whatever your your goal is and take small steps to reach that goal. You will fail at times and you will have some successes, and you need to press on.

From personal experience I have had both successes and failures, but last month I made enough to cover my monthly mortgage payment. That took a lot of work and I think of it as a high water mark, but it is just one step to achieving financial independence.

I was in the position of just starting out and making zilch for a long time but I kept at it and preservered. Some may laugh thinking that all I have made is mere pocket change, but to others, that pocket change would be a small fortune. That goal of one million dollars is now a little bit clearer, a little bit nearer. It is still out of reach, but I am heading in the right direction and sooner or later our paths will cross.

Like I said - I don't have a system to sell you or any eBook. I guess the only system I can promote is that you work every day, try to improve, keep growing, take any failure as a temporary pause and keep moving forward. Every day you will have small rewards and setbacks, but if you continue to work at it, you will see your own goals drawing nearer.


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