Just Received 1,000 Votes Of Approval From Facebook Visitors On My Squidoo Page

I'm kinda shocked that I've received so much love from people visiting my webpage from Facebook! The webpage is Top 25 Punk Rock Songs Of All Time and I just published the page in August 2010. For the first week it had next to no traffic then all of a sudden I looked and it had over 500 visits in one day and the number just kept rising!

The traffic tapered off but the webpage still gets a fair number of visits and leapt into the top tier at Squidoo, but is now slipping back into Tier 2 which is still much better than I had expected the page to be doing at this point.

I actually had over 2,600 visits on one day and they all seemed to be coming from Facebook and many were giving the page their approval my clicking the blue Facebook "like" button. I know there are some other pages that get traffic like that all the time, but it was surprising to have one of my pages sort of go viral on Facebook.

The nice thing is that now other people at Squidoo are finding the page and leaving comments and giving it the thumbs up. It's basically a webpage with a number of videos showing various punk bands from the 1970s-90s and people can vote for whichever songs they like - they don't have to choose just one, they can vote for all of them if they want or just vote for whichever band's songs they like best.

Also a lot of people left messages pointing out that certain songs were missing so I added those songs to the list which now is over 200 videos. It's almost like a massive playlist of songs and videos for all the great punk songs and bands and you can take the list for free as a widget and add it to your website or blog if you want.

Still surprising that the webpage had so much success at drawing traffic so quickly.


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