Surprising Surge Of Traffic To My Webpage For Jodie Sweetin Baby News

One of my webpages is about the actress Lori Loughlin, who currently is on the television series 90210 as Debbie Wilson the mother of Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) and Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds) but who was also on the 90s hit series Full House, as Becky Katsopolis. This morning I checked and the webpage hat almost 2,000 visitors last night and another 200 more this morning. I of course thought there must be some kind of an error, but checked Lori Loughlin in Google news and nothing seemed to warrant a spike in interest. Hmmm...

So I checked my stats and found that most had come to my webpage under the term "Jodie Sweetin Lori Loughlin" and that's when I clued in that people were swarming to my Lori Loughlin page looking for information about Jodie Sweetin having just given birth to her child, a baby girl named Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle or "Bea" as her father has called her (mom & baby doing nicely I hear). Sweetin was also on Full House playing Stephanie Tanner for the 8 year run of the series. The little girl has an older sister

On the webpage there was just the briefest mention of Sweetin, but somehow all these people stopped by to check it out. It does go to show you that you can get traffic at Squidoo and elsewhere from very unexpected sources and just about anything can trigger a wave of Internet interest. The traffic will likely give the page a bump in popularity at Squidoo for a short period and then it will probably settle back into it's usual ranking.

But it does make me want to add more info about Sweetin on the webpage. I'm pretty sure there is a Squidoo page or two about her and I'm hoping whomever wrote those pages gets a similar bump in traffic.


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