How Many Squidoo Lenses Do You Have On The Back Burner?

I've been reading a great thread over at the Squidoo Forum called WIP Anonymous about lensmasters saying how many Squidoo lenses they have started but that are currently in a "Work-In-Progress" stage. The thread is already up to 77 posts with several sheepish admitting to having lots of lenses on the back burner. Me, I've got lots of lenses that I am sloowwly working on trying to get them into a publishable state. I usually can publish 2 or 3 a week, so it will be a couple of months before all the lenses I have in my back pocket see the light of day.

What I think I need to do is update my notebooks of lens ideas and try to get them a little more fleshed out prior to starting them on Squidoo. The problem is I just can't help myself. I have one of those moments of "Hey! What a great idea for a Squidoo lens!" and the start writting away furiously and leave it incomplete. Then I move on to one of my other WIP lenses polishing it a bit more, trying to get it a little bit more presentable. I have published some that are not in the state I'd like and I have to fix them and write some more content on those ones.

I think I will take a little vow. No new WIP lenses until all the ones I have waiting to get published - actually get published. Or deleted (shudder). If I do get those lenses all published I will be closing in on my goal of having 200 lenses published by the end of the year. I currently have 133 published lenses, so you'll just have to guesstimate the number of unpublished lenses I am working on. And what about you? Do you also have a stash of "not ready for prime time" lenses waiting patiently for their moment in the sun?


Ryan said...

You have many fine lenses on squidoo. I've only written a few lenses but have experienced the same feeling of "wait a sec what a great idea" and had started more than a few lenses only to discontinue later on.

Keep up the good work!


Bradshaw said...

Thanks Ryan! I appreciate your comments. I keep getting these "eureka" moments and think "That's a great idea for a lens!" and start and go back later to develop them further. I think I'll start writing them out on paper before I commit them to the lens format in the future. So far I've published 4-5 of my backburner lenses and I'm trying to push the others into some sort of publishable state.

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