Payday At Squidoo Land!

Well, today's the day we get paid for all our work at Squidoo. Here's the breakdown:

Tier One $11.43
Tier Two $1.81
Tier Three $0.08

If you are unsure what these "tiers" mean, take a look at my post called Ka Ching! Payday At Squidoo!. There's a lot of effort to getting and keeping a top ranking for Squidoo lenses, but when you get one or two lenses in the top tier for any extended period, you feel like a worldbeater. Just remember that high lens rank shouldn't be your only concern. Make sure you sprinkle in some affiliate links, eBay and Amazon links and other assorted doo-dads which visitors to your lenses click on that make you some added coin in addition to what your lens rank provides. Just make sure you start off with good original content. The money won't pour in immediately, but a slow, steady trickle gives you something to work on.

Hone Your Craft

Are you honing? You need to keep adjusting, adding, removing content to your lens. Keep working to find out what drives people to your lenses and find out what brings people back. There are a lot of great, helpful people over at Squidoo that you can ask for help if you need assistance with a particularly vexing dilemma. Don't send personal emails to other lensmasters pleading for help or for them to rate your lenses - that's a big no-no. Ask for Squidoo lensmasters to visit your lenses in the forum. Let me correct that, ask them in the Critique Me... sub-forum. Don't try to post a request in the Help, or Chatter Box areas because your post will just get moved to the correct sub-forum by one of the already overworked forum moderators. Just try to keep improving your lenses, and try to get the word out that you have a great lens worthy of a look see. It takes time for some lenses to find their feet (or tentacles in the case of Squidoo).

At Squidoo Content Is King (And Queen)

Keep working on improving your content. Fresh, intriguing words that will bring visitors from miles around. Try making Squidoo lenses about topics you are interested in and have a passion for and the writing part will usually take care of itself. Even a ragged article is only a first draft. You can improve on it. Change it around until it is a polished gem. When you know it is well done, publish it at Squidoo and ask for a critique of your work. You won't be clobbered by other lensmasters unless you've copied your content from someone else's work (another no-no). Watch for spelling mistakes.

Visit Other People's Lenses!

The whole purpose of being a Squidoo lensmaster is that you create lenses for others to visit. I want you to visit my lenses. Some you'll like, others you'll like not so much. I don't think I have many fugly lenses, but maybe you will disagree. That's why there's usually an area to leave comments from visitors. Search Squidoo for topics that interest you, read them, enjoy them, leave positive comments. Get ideas, develop them, and write, write, WRITE! I love finding fantastic lenses and so do most other lensmasters.

Get Paid

I started out writing about how much you can make from Squidoo. Being a lensmaster is not just about the monetary aspect (Yes, that's important), but you'll become richer by following this simple advice. Sure, you will have some coins to jingle when you start, but you'll be richer in web skills, friends (have you hugged a Squidoo lensmaster today?), and generally richer overall. What price can you put on that?

And the advice? Stop reading Squidoo Land and get yourself over to Squidoo and start writing!


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