My Latest Squidoo Masterpiece

Well, I don't know if it could be considered a masterpiece, but I like it. It's called James William Goring. He was my great-great-grandfather and I thought I would do a little tribute to him. Hopefully all his descendants (my cousins) will stop by so that means lots of traffic because he had 17 children and hundreds of grandkids. Basically, I guess I'm related to just about one in ten people in Canada's western provinces and most of the western states of the USA through my 2x-great grandpop.

The lens isn't just about my family, because I've tried to include a bunch of good links to various relevant genealogy websites. If you have even a passing interest in family history, this lens will hopefully give you some ideas of where to look for records about your family. Especially if you're ancestors lived in Canada or England. I hope to add even more to it as I go along and if you have any suggestions, as always I'd like to hear them.


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