New Squidoo Book Club? Pros And Cons

Squidoo just announced a new project that might prove to be very lucrative (or maybe a bust) called Squidoo Book Club and that link takes you to the details. The Squidoo Book Picks program is a test run at creating a book recommendation and sponsorship platform on Squidoo.

Trying to harness the power of all the Squids, giant and otherwise can be a good thing (but a daunting task). Apparently there are 23,000,000 page views a month at Squidoo (and climbing) and SquidooBookClub poses an intriguing thought. What if Squidoo sold 1,000 copies of a book every single day? Basically, publishers would be clamouring to pay to get their newest books recommended by Squidoo. This I like. Obviously, this is still in it's embryonic stages, but is an interesting concept. I'm wondering who will be on the "Squidoo Board" that decides which books to recommend. I know we have a lot of good (and literate!) people at Squidoo who can offer a wide variety of excellent book choices, (me, I like One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss, among others).

Amazon sales through Squidoo can provide a big chunk of money, and this could be another venue or portal which might deliver even more to the Squids and once again, provide yet more dollars that Squidoo can donate to the various charities supported by Squidoo. That's always a plus.

Take a look at the link to the Book Club. Provide your 2 cents. This might be something very interesting. Or a bust. Either way, it gives you something to think about and might provide a few shekels.


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