No Updates At Squidoo For 3 Days! What's Up?

What the heck is up with Squidoo? There's been NO UPDATE since Thursday, April 23rd and no word from the powers that be as to what is causing the problem. I've been with Squidoo for a fair stretch now and I have seen a day go by without the Squidoo lensranks getting updated, but usually they do tell you what is going on to some degree. This is getting ridiculous. No update Friday, okay. No update Saturday hmmm... Now no update on Sunday ??

Basically I would like to hear something from Squidoo HQ - even a "please stand by" or technical difficulties, or something. It almost feels like when they left work Thursday night, every one called in sick the next day and forgot to turn on the auto-updating machine. Or, the weekend crew didn't have the keys to get into Squidoo Headquarters. "I thought you had Seth's phone number." "No, I thought you had it." Can't you just picture a group of techno-geeks with worried faces tugging at a locked door trying to get into work?

Actually, I don't think it was anything like this, but there is a little frustration with the disturbing lack of any feedback to questions being raised about the problem over at the Squidu Forums. Meticulously tracking the lensranks of all my lenses is not something I do on a daily basis, but I do check in to see where they are from time to time. If you are at Squidoo and just looking at the site from a money angle, obsessing over your lensrank is just not the way to go. If you want to reach a higher level on money there, you need to look beyond lensrank. Work on promoting some sales from your lenses.

One thing about this lengthy period of time without an update, if you work on your higher ranked lenses, there's a chance that when the update finally happens, that a couple of your lenses might get booted down in the lens ranks. Several Squids have complained about this in the past and I think it may have happened to some of mine in the past. It does seem that at least once a month there is one day in the month when the lens ranking update gets skipped. Sometimes that period stretches to a couple of days. I haven't seen it happen for 3 straight days and will be very interested in checking in Monday afternoon and seeing not just that there has been an update, but some sort of an explanation is provided. And at least some lip service that HQ is trying to prevent it from recurring.

Meanwhile I've been outside, away from my computer, trying to catch a bit of sunlight and working on replacing my pasty white complexion with a slightly less pasty countenance by digging up my garden. Need to get the veggies in soon and getting away from Squidoo for a day or two may not be such a bad thing. But while I was shovelling you can bet that I've been turning over a few lens ideas about gardening. "How To Grow A Bigger Tomato" or "What's A Good Fertilizer For Small Back Yard Gardeners?" That sort of thing. I'll add them to my Squidoo notebook.


Bradshaw said...

Day 5 and counting with no update to lens rank at Squidoo. Many speculations being offered on several threads over at the Squidu forum. You need to read this stuff if you want to keep up with what's happening at Squidoo. Oh yeah, and of course, continue reading Squidoo Land ;)

Several people are suggesting that it's all about "the Purple Stars" and that by giving lenses a purple star (and a lens rank boost) it will be the downfall of Squidoo. What do you think? Comment here and over at the forums. I know I'm getting traffic, but (sniff) I'm not getting any comments!

Lemme know what you want to see here or if you just have some questions. I'll see what I can do to help you out.

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