Update, Improve, Create New Squidoo Lenses

While waiting (im)patiently for Squidoo to get it's collective tentacles untangled, now is the perfect time to be putting together some new Squidoo lenses and fixing up those that have fallen by the wayside. Update, update, improve, improve.

Always keep an eye on some of your poorly operating Squidoo lenses and try to find out why they aren't performing up to the level you want them to. Are you not getting any sales? Poor choices in products or is it the type of modules you've chosen. Check over at SquidUtils, that wonderful website created by lensmaster extraordinaire, The Fluffanutta. Fluff is always putting together great aids to help you track and upgrade how well your lenses perform. You will increase your opportunity to make money through Squidoo (and other platforms) by becoming a regular user of his excellent website. I have.

Although I (and thousands of others) are patiently waiting for Squidoo to fix whatever problem is causing the frozen lensrank problem (now Day 5!), don't sit on your hands waiting for it to resolve itself. Many other Squidoo folk are working on new projects, researching and updating older webpages, and generally continuing to try to do better at Squidoo. This month is almost over and even if your Squidoo lens is not rising or declining in the rankings, your still (hopefully) getting traffic. Work on that. I created a lens a few months ago that just had over 1,600 visitors pass through and check out my work. I want more of that! Don't you?

What I would like is to have ten, no twenty, no, fifty Squidoo lenses all getting incredible traffic like that! Now I have to find the right topic, and I know it can happen again. You can too. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! It takes time for some lenses to be discovered and some will, others won't, but keep at it. Keep on creating new Squidoo lenses and work on bringing more people to your own little slice of the Squidoo pie (eew, that doesn't sound appetizing, does it?)

I'm getting traffic to some of my webpages and some are getting a colossal, collective yawn from the Internet. Learn what works for you, and build from there. Read everything you can, and then read some more. Take something I say and spin it your way and keep working to improve. No success that comes easily or quickly will taste as sweet as that success you've pushed for. I've had a small taste of some success and I'm becoming positively gluttonous for more. But in a good way. ;)


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