I Just Got Paid At Squidoo. Did You?

Today was payday at Squidoo and I received my email that Squidoo had deposited money in my account with Pay Pal. Did you get that email? Why not? All it takes is a little work, making some lenses at Squidoo, and you could be in the same boat: a little bonus each and every month. I've only been a Squidoo lensmaster since August of last year, but I'm getting paid! Sure it's not a fortune, but it is some money each and every month - and something to build on.

My first payment was only $0.08. Eight pennies. Then it was more. Then a little more. Each month I would work hard and I would get something in reward. I make a new Squidoo lens, and update my older ones. I get some traffic and maybe there's a sale here or there. It all adds up. And you can make extra by adding some Amazon and other affiliate links. But be discrete and don't try to flood Squidoo with affiliate spam. That will not work and your lens could get penalized. Try to create good, original content and you will begin to see some benefits. If you can get your len into the top 2,000 (I have three today!) and get them to stay there so that their average lens rank is 2,000 or less for an entire more, each lens will get you $11-$12 on the next payout. Today's payout was for February, so if (and that's a big if!) I can keep my 3 lenses in the top tier for April, I could expect about $33-$34 in June (Squidoo always pays a month behind: January was paid in March; December in February).

But there's more ways to make money at Squidoo... read on to find out.


Silver Lotus said...

Getting money from Squidoo every month is something I've been doing for a few years now. And that's without following any of the Squidoo gurus - if I put my mind to it, I could make even more. I love Squidoo.

Bradshaw said...

Yes, I've been making a tiny sum each month pretty much on my own too. I do try to read about how to do better at internet marketing and also through my own trial and error. I'm starting to see a little bit of success, and I'm going to continue trying to increase what I get from Squidoo money-wise. What I really like is that it is fun (and challenging) putting a lens together and then seeing a positive response some of my lenses receive

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