Payday Comin' Up At Squidoo: My New Best Earnings

Squidoo is about to all the lensmasters and this month I caculate I will have a new personal best. I'm projecting about $30 or there abouts. That isn't going to allow me to retire, but it is a new high for me. I know some are easily beating me in their earnings and I applaud them wholeheartedly. It's just I am starting to see some money, more than just a couple of bucks here and there. So I'm just giving myself a little pat on the back and a little push forward. The hard work is just starting - how to increase what I'm earning?

Well, more of the same. Keep trying to update all my Squidoo lenses, keep trying to draw more visitors, and keep trumpeting what a great place Squidoo is! So, once again, here's a link to ALL my published Squidoo lenses at my lensmaster page. You can take a look at my best lenses and my worst lenses. I know the worst ones need to be overhauled so they can start earning their keep.


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